Sex Positions for Couples: The Complete Guide to Increase and Revitalize your Sex Life

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Sex Positions for Couples: The Complete Guide to Increase and Revitalize your Sex Life

Sex Positions for Couples: The Complete Guide to Increase and Revitalize your Sex Life by Chantal Lloyd
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B089G53N6M | 137 pages | PDF | 0.76 Mb

Discover Great Sex Positions for any Occasion or Time of Day and Perk Up Your Sex Life
Do you feel like there is something missing by means of intimacy between you and your partner?
Are you looking for a way to perk up your sex life and rejuvenate your relationship?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading.

Sex is a great way to be intimate with your partner and enjoy your time together as a couple. However, things don’t always plan out the way we desire. People sometimes get caught up in life and begin to drift apart.

Couples should enjoy a fulfilling sex life that bustles with energy and enthusiasm. Sex is also about enhancing one’s communication with one’s partner so the two can get closer to each other. This book is about both. Its purpose is to help you eliminate boredom in bed but also be better versions of yourselves offline.

With this amazing book, here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • Why is sex more than a physical activity, and what is the enigma surrounding and how it can enhance the intimate lives of couples

  • Why trying difference sex positions adds to the spice of life, and what are the different sex positions that you can use

  • Which sex positions are ideal for the mood that both you and your partner are in

  • What role does an orgasm in sex, what can you do to intensify it, and which sex positions are naturally suited to deliver an epic orgasm

  • Which sex positions are perfect to have a mind blowing experience in stimulating the G-spot

  • Understand if you can have sex during pregnancy, dispelling some myths and discover the sex positions well-suited during this period

  • Know why successful couples pay special attention to communication and how that helps prep things up emotionally and particularly in bed

  • Find out about what some experts say about enhancing intimacy wth your partner, and discover the sex positons for any time of the day

  • And much more!

Do you think you might need to visit a sex therapist?
Or maybe you need to spend an obscene amount of money to attend courses?
Perhaps you need years of practice before you can be ready?

Think again, because none of these is true. Having great sex shouln’t be a luxury. It should be commonplace with every couple and they should practice it as creatively as possible. This will help bring them closer and smoothen the communication between them and vice versa. This book assumes that you are a casual reader and want to enhance your relationship with your spouse and be more intimate with him / her. It will guide you with how you can fundamentally create a stronger bond with each other and truly enjoy your sex life together.

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