Small-Sided and Conditioned Games in Soccer Training

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Small-Sided and Conditioned Games in Soccer Training

Small-Sided and Conditioned Games in Soccer Training: The Science and Practical Applications
Springer | Biomedical Engineering | April 2 2016 | ISBN-10: 9811008795 | 135 pages | pdf | 1.95 mb

Authors: Clemente, Filipe Manuel
Summarizes the most relevant evidence on small-sided and conditioned games (SSCGs) vs. traditional running activities
Includes a special chapter on the periodization and recommended components of soccer training
Features detailed tables and figures on the main physiological and technical responses

This book reviews the general acute effects and adaptations of small-sided and conditioned games (SSCGs) in terms of physiological responses, technical performance and methodology/periodization in the game of soccer. It also reviews the many studies conducted in the past decade to investigate the influence of SSCGs on physiological responses and technical performance in soccer training. SSCGs, which are smaller and adapted versions of formal team sports, are very popular training drills for players at all ability levels and competitive levels and offer an alternative to traditional fitness training. Exploring their role in depth, this book offers a valuable resource for academics, researchers and coaches with an interest in developing improved training techniques for soccer.

Number of Illustrations and Tables
11 b/w illustrations
Biomedical Engineering
Sport Science
Human Physiology

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