Smaller C: Lean Code for Small Machines

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Smaller C: Lean Code for Small Machines

Smaller C: Lean Code for Small Machines by Marc Loy
English | June 22nd, 2021 | ISBN: 1098100336 | 314 pages | True EPUB | 141.01 MB

For makers looking to use the smallest microcontrollers or to wring the highest performance out of larger ones, the C language is still the best option. This practical book provides a solid grounding in C basics for anyone who tinkers with programming microcontrollers. You'll explore the many ways C enables developers and makers to get big results out of tiny devices.

Author Marc Loy shows you how to write clean, maintainable C code from scratch. This language and its cousin, C++, are still widely used to write low-level code for device drivers or operating systems. By understanding C syntax and its quirks, you'll gain an enduring computer language literacy that will help you pick up new languages and styles more easily.

• Learn C fundamentals, such as data types, flow control, and functions
• Explore memory management including how programs work on small devices
• Understand answers provided in online forums such as Reddit or Stack Overflow
• Write efficient, custom C code that's both readable and maintainable
• Analyze the performance of your code and weigh optimizations
• Evaluate third-party libraries for use in your own projects
• Create your own libraries to share with others

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