Spatial Database Systems: Design, Implementation and Project Management

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Spatial Database Systems: Design, Implementation and Project Management

Albert K.W. Yeung, G. Brent Hall, "Spatial Database Systems: Design, Implementation and Project Management"
Springer | 2007 | ISBN: 1402053932 | 554 pages | PDF | 5,5 MB

This first of a kind book places spatial data within the broader domain of information technology (IT) while providing a comprehensive and coherent explanation of the guiding principles, methods, implementation and operational management of spatial databases within the workplace. The text explains the key concepts, issues and processes of spatial data implementation and provides a holistic management perspective that complements the technical aspects of spatial data stressed in other textbooks. In this respect, this book is unique in its coverage of spatial database principles and architecture, database modelling including UML, database and spatial data standards, spatial data infrastructure, database implementation, and workplace-oriented project management including user needs study and end user education. The text first overviews the current state of spatial information technology and it concludes with a speculative account of likely future developments. Cutting edge research and practical workplace needs are defined and explained. Topics covered, among others, include strategies for end user education, current spatial data standards and their importance, legal issues and liabilities in the ownership and use of spatial data, spatial metadata use within distributed databases, the Internet and Web-based solutions to database deployment, quality assurance and quality control in database implementation and use, spatial decision support, and spatial data mining.
The book applies equally to senior undergraduate and graduate courses and students, as well as spatial data managers and practitioners already in the workplace. It will enhance their technical and human-resource based understanding of spatial data management. Certification courses that seek to prepare students for careers in the spatial information industry and courses targeted at enhancing needed geospatial workplace knowledge and skills will benefit greatly from its content

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