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«Summoner #1: The Game Has Begun» by Kristoffer J. Andersen

Posted By: Gelsomino
«Summoner #1: The Game Has Begun» by Kristoffer J. Andersen

«Summoner #1: The Game Has Begun» by Kristoffer J. Andersen
English | EPUB | 0.2 MB

Pelle’s highest ambition in life is to play ‘Summoner’ — a cool collectible card game that lets you summon big monsters and throw them at your opponents in an epic battle for world domination. Unfortunately, none of his classmates seem to think he’s any good at the game and all refuse to play with him. But just how are you supposed to get any better, if nobody’s willing to play with you? One day, Pelle gets his hands on a rare card and offers it up as a prize to the classmate, who can beat him in a game of Summoner. At long last, everybody is willing to play with him, but when Pelle plays his first game, the monsters on the cards come alive and start trying to kill him! Suddenly, playing ’Summoner’ is the LEAST of Pelle’s ambitions. After all, it’s no fun being a fifth grader, when you’ve got a Vengal Death Knight on your heels — and you’re the only person in the world who can see it! “Summoner 1: The Game Has Begun” is a book about friendship, love, and accepting yourself as… No, that’s way too boring! It’s a kick-ass book packed with action, lame jokes, huge monsters, cool swords, and interdimensional beings trying to take over the world. Read it!