«Summoning A Daemon» by Kurt Dysan

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«Summoning A Daemon» by Kurt Dysan

«Summoning A Daemon» by Kurt Dysan
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Cecil and Flora are running
from a cruel Lord. If he captures them, he will ravish Flora with Cecil
watching and then torture and kill them both. According to the Gypsy who is hiding them, their only hope is to be rescued by a Daemon.

Flora learns the woman has the power to summon a daemon to rescue them—but there is a price. The daemon
wants her virginity. It's her only hope to save herself and the man she loves.
She agrees, but Cecil can never know.

Excerpt ~~~~~

woman smiled. “Then there is some hope for you.”

heart pounded. “How?”

is all Hallow’s Eve. It will be a full moon. While my magic is feeble, things
are in place to summon powers strong enough to protect you — you and your man.
If you are willing to pay the price.”

felt an ache in the pit of her stomach. “We have no money. Nothing at all.”

powers have no use for money.” Flora's heart pounded. “There are things,
however, that can enhance their powers, and they seek those things.”

could we have that they would want?”

smiled. “A powerful and sometimes terrible daemon wakes at the harvest. When
the moon is full on All Hallows Eve, he can be summoned and he would gladly
deal with this Lord if we meet his price.”

is his price?”

daemon is a virile one; he thrives on virgins and one who gives herself
willingly increases his power. Magic is give and take, so, after he takes her maidenhood, he will grant one request if it is something suiting his nature.”


is a warrior and a virile male. He won’t make you wealthy, but if you ask, he will see your enemy off to a gruesome death.”

shuddered. “I just want him to leave us alone.”

woman smiled. “Ah, but making his death terrible is my price for using my magic
to help you.”

felt her world spinning. She had refused Cecil her virginity before marriage
countless times. She’d wanted to give it to him on their marriage bed. And now
giving it to a daemon seemed to be their only chance. “Is that the only
offering he'll accept?”

it is. And, if we summon him he will take your virginity whether you are
willing or not. By being willing, however, you can demand he grant this favor.
Without his help, sooner or later the Lord’s men will capture you. And then…”
her voice trailed off.

knew the woman was right. If she asked his opinion, Cecil would choose death,
even a painful one, but that was foolish. She had to be strong for them both.
“If I agree, what about Cecil? He will say no.”

much I can deal with. I will put your lover under a spell that will prevent him from knowing.”

I will do it.”