Survival Skills for Scientists

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Survival Skills for Scientists

By Federico Rosei"Survival Skills for Scientists"
Imperial College Press | 228 pages | 2006-07-17 | ISBN:1860946410 | 10mb | PDF

This book contains pretty much nothing beyond common sense truths that are obvious to any graduate student who has thought about becoming a researcher and who has been part of a lab. For example, if you have written and succeeded in publishing at least one paper, you know everything that is written in this book about writing papers. Perhaps, I bought this book with the wrong expectation that the authors would uncover some things about being a scientists that are not obvious but nevertheless important. At least this was the impression that I got from reading a positive review of this book in Nature. This is not the case: they discuss things that are important but obvious. So, in my opinion this book may be good for undergraduate or 1st year graduate students who have just begun thinking about a scientific career and have not yet been exposed to the research environment at all.