Teach Yourself: Beginner's Mandarin Chinese (repost)

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Teach Yourself: Beginner's Mandarin Chinese (repost)

Teach Yourself: Beginner's Mandarin Chinese
Audio CDs: English / Chinese FLAC, 264 Kbps (2 channels) | 3 hours
PDF Book
Overal size: 353 MB | Genre: Learning Chinese

In one form or another, Chinese is the language most spoken in the world. Although it has many different spoken forms, they are all written in exactly the same way. In this book you will learn Modern Standard Chinese which is understood by more Chinese speakers than any other form of the language.

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Chinese is the right course for you if you really want to learn Chinese but are daunted by the prospect of complicated grammar, classes and coursebooks. This book starts right from the beginning and explains everything in simple English. There are hints throughout to make learning easy and you can learn at your own pace with plenty of practice of each new point. It is a friendly introduction to the language which will help you to understand and speak Chinese sufficiently well to function effectively in basic everyday situations, both business and social. The course will also offer you an insight into Chinese culture and there is even an opportunity for you to find out something about the Chinese writing system if you want to.

The book is divided into two main parts. Units 1-10 introduce you to the basic structures and grammatical points you’ll need in everyday situations. Units 12-21 deal with everyday situations such as booking into a hotel, changing money, seeing a doctor, and being entertained in a Chinese home. They give you the opportunity to put into practice and consolidate the language you have learnt in the first ten units. Unit 11 is a special unit designed to give you the chance to find out something about the origin of Chinese characters and to have a taste of what’s involved in reading and writing them. If you would rather miss this unit out and concentrate on speaking and listening, you can do so without it affecting your understanding of the other units. All the Chinese in other units is given in the official system of romanization.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to communicate in a wide range of real-life situations and have all the practical information you need to enjoy your next trip to China.

Two accompanying cassettes or CDs are available separately or in a pack with the book.

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