Tantric Sex Positions: 69 Amazing Positions & Tips You NEED to Know for Mind-Blowing Tantric Sex

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Tantric Sex Positions: 69 Amazing Positions & Tips You NEED to Know for Mind-Blowing Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex Positions: 69 Amazing Positions & Tips You NEED to Know for Mind-Blowing Tantric Sex by Lexi Sweet
English | January 6, 2020 | ISBN: 1656631547 | 167 pages | EPUB | 1.13 Mb

Delaying orgasm will have you experiencing the best sex you’ve ever had. Find out why…
Is the connection or passion between you and your partner slowly fizzling away, to the point where sex almost begins to feel like a “chore”?
Or alternatively, have you and your significant other stopped having sex altogether because you either don’t feel in sync, or you just can’t seem to please each other?
Are you searching for a new way to spice up your sex life, one that will make the experience more exciting and adventurous, hopefully bringing you to the ultimate climax?
If any of these ring a bell for you, then you’re in luck, because tantric sex may just be exactly what you’re looking for and are in desperate need of.
The topic of unfulfilling sex is, for many, a taboo subject to discuss with others because you may feel as if it’s your own fault for not reaching peak pleasure. This, however, is not true.
Nearly everyone has experienced mediocre sex before. You know, the kind that leaves you with the lingering thought of: Was that it?
Just now thinking back to your own cringe-worthy encounters, I’m sure your face is scrunching up and making funny contortions as you read this.
It doesn’t have to continue in this way, however, as the ancient Hindu practice of tantra will allow you to experience sex as a mind and body journey, rather than an emotion-lacking quickie before you’re off to work.
In Tantric Sex Positions, you will discover:
  • 69 tantric sex positions and practices you can try with your partner today that will have you experiencing a new level of intimacy like never before
  • Why you should delay orgasm in order to achieve the most fulfilling sex you will ever have
  • Why the Western world should be introduced to this new approach of lovemaking, as well as how your fast-paced lifestyle can benefit from it
  • The secrets to unlocking the mystical powers of tantric sex that will leave your body tingling and wanting more
  • Why spirituality is equally as important to consider as sexuality, and how it affects you overall as a human being
  • Any possible road bumps you may face on your tantric journey, and how you can move past them
  • Key exercises to help you tune into your senses for optimal focus during sex, allowing for a deeper connection between you and your partner

And much more.
Even if your relationship is on the teetering edge of collapse, don’t panic or give up because there’s still hope for you. What you’re missing are intimacy and connection, two aspects tantric sex happens to cover and explore in great depth.
What’s more is that this practice doesn’t require going to countless couples therapy sessions in order to heal the relationship, which makes it much cheaper, too. Needless to say, it’s also a much more pleasurable alternative to therapy, as well.
If the word “tantric” is throwing you off a bit and causing you to be hesitant, don’t let it. Tantric sex is simple, straight-forward, and can be done by anyone no matter what previous experience you have.
Be adventurous. Surprise your partner with a sexy alternative that is bound to make them beg for more.
Who knows, you may just find yourself wanting to do this every night…

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