Technical Analysis Masterclass

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Technical Analysis Masterclass

Technical Analysis Masterclass
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From zero to pro in charting techniques

What you'll learn
Application of technical analysis in trading and investing in stocks,forex,commodities,futures or in any financial assets
Importance, Assumptions and Limitations of Technical Analysis
Different chart types and important concepts like trends,volumes,price action,support and resistance
13 different candlestick patterns
11 different chart patterns
Application of 22 different indicators
Elliot wave theory
Dow theory
Fibonacci tool
Concept of drawdown
Risk management
Position sizing
Risk to reward ratio
11 different trading systems which work in both trending & ranging markets
Trading Psychology
7 quizzes, 3 Assignments & 1 interesting Project work to check your understanding
Students should have a free/paid version of any trading software like TradingView/MetaTrader for forex /any trading software given by your broker for ex: online Kite charting platform by Zerodha in India/trading software+data feed provider combination/any free or paid charting software that suits your budget
This course is designed to educate students about the latest charting techniques and how to apply them like professionals while trading or investing in any financial assets like stocks, forex, commodities,futures etc. This course is designed from beginners level and introduces higher concepts as the course progresses.

This course begins by building basic concepts of technical analysis like chart types,price-volume analysis,support and resistance. This course includes detailed discussion about 13 popular candlestick patterns, 11 popular charting patterns, 22 popular indicators,11 advanced trading systems, risk management,position sizing techniques,risk reward ratio and also delves deeper into trading psychology. During the later portion of the course many advanced topics are also discussed like Elliot wave theory,Dow theory, advanced level indicators and drawing tools like Fibonacci retracements.

This course also checks your level of understanding by providing 7 quizzes and 3 Assignment work. At the end there is a fun project which involves playing a stock/forex market live game with $100,000 virtual money to give you insights into how trading works in real life without the risk of losing any real money.

As a bonus I will also keep on updating the course from time to time according to the needs, requirements and feedback received from students.

Who this course is for:
The course is designed for beginner level students but it builds on step by step and introduces even very advanced concepts as the course progresses