Technology Roadmap: Geothermal Heat and Power

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Technology Roadmap: Geothermal Heat and Power

Technology Roadmap: Geothermal Heat and Power
OECD / IEA | 23 June 2011 | ISBN: 9789264118485 | 52 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The technology roadmap for Geothermal Heat and Power offers a strategic plan to maximise deployment of these energy resources by 2050. It projects that 1 400 TWh of electricity per year could come from geothermal power by 2050, up from 67 TWh at present. This roadmap describes the technological, economic and non-economic barriers facing geothermal deployment, and the steps stakeholders must take to overcome them.

Additionally, geothermal heat (not including ground-source heat pump technology) could contribute 5.8 EJ (1600 TWh) annually by 2050. In order to reach these targets, policy makers, local authorities and utilities need to be more aware of the variety of geothermal resources available and of their possible applications.

Table of contents
Key Findings
Rationale for geothermal energy
Purpose, process and structure of this roadmap
Geothermal Energy Today
Development of geothermal energy
Geothermal resources
Current technologies
Economics today
Vision for Deployment and CO2 Abatement
Geothermal deployment to 2050
Economic perspectives and cost reduction
Technology Development: Actions and Milestones
Enabling processes for geothermal energy
Geothermal heat use
Advanced geothermal technologies: EGS
Advanced geothermal technologies: other
Policy Framework: Actions and Milestones
Regulatory framework and support incentives
Market facilitation and transformation
Research, development and demonstration support
International collaboration and deployment in developing economies
Conclusions and Role of Stakeholders
Appendix I. Assumptions for Production Cost Calculations
Appendix II. Projected Contribution of Ground Source Heat Pumps
Appendix III. Abbreviations, acronyms and units of measure
Abrreviations and acronyms
Units of measure
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