«The Hard Work Of Happiness» by Reb Buxton

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«The Hard Work Of Happiness» by Reb Buxton

«The Hard Work Of Happiness» by Reb Buxton
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What if your mind was your greatest asset? What if it didn’t sabotage you with pessimistic thoughts about your body, your salary, or feelings of unworthiness? What if your mind worked for you?
It is important to understand that every action you take is to make yourself happy (or more accurately stated to make a “part” of yourself happy). However, when you make one part of yourself happy you inevitably infuriate another part. This internal conflict causes stress, anxiety and depression and reduces overall happiness . . . unless you understand that your mind has many parts and how to work with those parts of yourself.
The controversial belief that everything we do is to make ourselves happy is the basis of The Hard Work Of Happiness. Yet, if everything we do is aimed at making ourselves happy then why do we so often find ourselves unhappy?
The Hard Work Of Happiness is based on the idea that suffering is unavoidable.
Ironically, the more we try and escape this fate the more suffering we create. The answer is there are two types of suffering: unnecessary and sacred. An example of unnecessary suffering is when you mindlessly repeat the same mistakes over and over. You get caught in a negative loop and refuse to consider that your own mind might be the culprit in this unhealthy cycle.
Conversely, sacred suffering has a purpose. If you must suffer, and we all must, it would benefit you to eliminate as much unnecessary suffering as possible. This will leave you with sacred suffering. The purpose of sacred suffering is to give you an opportunity to rewrite your tragedies with more hopeful endings and prevent as many negative, happy zapping experiences from happening in the future as possible.
Full of engaging case studies and practical, but not typical, advice The Hard Work Of Happiness reveals how to solve life’s most vexing and recurring problems and live a meaningful and happy life.
The Hard Work Of Happiness answers three important questions:
1. What is authentic happiness?
2. What prevents you from experiencing lasting happiness?
3. What can you do to live a happier, more meaningful life?
Moving beyond simple cognitive behavioral strategies The Hard Work Of Happiness dives deep into the unconscious realm where our more powerful but less conscious mind works nonstop to help us solve problems. The Hard Work Of Happiness offers proven strategies for overcoming such vexing issues as anxiety and depression. 
The Hard Work Of Happiness is based on more than 15 years of clinical experience and thousands of hours of working with individuals, families and couples who are courageously fighting for their happiness.