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«The Men With The Guns» by G.F.Newman

Posted By: Gelsomino
«The Men With The Guns» by G.F.Newman

«The Men With The Guns» by G.F.Newman
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Jimmy Vanesco's trade is tracing missing persons — husbands, mobile debtors, rich kids with itchy feet. When he flies back into New York from a successful trace, he finds a message for him to call a high-powered lawyer with Mafia connections. When he finds the same insistent messages at his office, in his apartment and on his answering service, it seems a good idea to go and see the man: and to take a gun.

The job Vanesco is offered is to trade six men who have been missing for 11 years. When he discovers, using inside contacts, that the FBI files have been removed within the last 72 hours, the dimensions of the contract begin to dawn on him.

The search will take him halfway round the globe and back into the past of America. Back into shrouded identities of the dead, back to one ugly moment that is etched ineradicably in the memory of the world — the assassination of President John F Kennedy.