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The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp (updated 11/2022)

Posted By: ELK1nG
The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp (updated 11/2022)

The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp
Last updated 11/2022
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Language: English | Size: 40.42 GB | Duration: 65h 33m

Become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB, Web3 and DApps

What you'll learn

You will build 16 web development projects for your portfolio, ready to apply for junior developer jobs.

You will learn the latest technologies, including Javascript, React, Node and even Web3 development.

You will master both front and back-end development, becoming a full-stack developer by the end of the course.

After the course you will be able to build ANY website you want.

Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.

Work as a freelance web developer.

Master frontend development with React

Master backend development with Node

Learn professional developer best practices.


No programming experience needed - I'll teach you everything you need to know

A computer with access to the internet

No paid software required

I'll walk you through, step-by-step how to get all the software installed and set up


Welcome to the Complete Web Development Bootcamp, the only course you need to learn to code and become a full-stack web developer. With 150,000+ ratings and a 4.8 average, my Web Development course is one of the HIGHEST RATED courses in the history of Udemy! At 65+ hours, this Web Development course is without a doubt the most comprehensive web development course available online. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to mastery. Here's why:The course is taught by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, London's leading in-person programming bootcamp.The course has been updated to be 2023 ready and you'll be learning the latest tools and technologies used at large companies such as Apple, Google and Netflix.This course doesn't cut any corners, there are beautiful animated explanation videos and tens of real-world projects which you will get to build.The curriculum was developed over a period of four years, with comprehensive student testing and feedback.We've taught over a million students how to code and many have gone on to change their lives by becoming professional developers or starting their own tech startup.You'll save yourself over $12,000 by enrolling, but still get access to the same teaching materials and learn from the same instructor and curriculum as our in-person programming bootcamp.The course is constantly updated with new content, with new projects and modules determined by students - that's you!We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a web developer.The course includes over 65 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world websites and web apps.Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:Front-End Web DevelopmentHTML 5CSS 3Bootstrap 4Javascript ES6DOM ManipulationjQueryBash Command LineGit, GitHub and Version ControlBackend Web DevelopmentNode.jsNPMExpress.jsEJSRESTAPIsDatabasesSQLMongoDBMongooseAuthenticationFirebaseReact.jsReact HooksWeb DesignDeployment with GitHub Pages, Heroku and MongoDB AtlasWeb3 Development on the Internet ComputerBlockchain technologyToken contract developmentNFT minting, buying and selling logicBy the end of this course, you will be fluently programming and be ready to make any website you can dream of.You'll also build a portfolio of over 32+ websites that you can show off to any potential employer.Sign up today, and look forward to:Animated Video LecturesCode Challenges and Coding ExercisesBeautiful Real-World ProjectsQuizzes & Practice TestsDownloadable Programming Resources and CheatsheetsOur best selling 12 Rules to Learn to Code eBook$12,000+ worth of web development bootcamp course materials and course curriculumDon't just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about the course:"Angela is just incredible, awesome and just fantastic in this course. I've never had such an instructor; detailed in every aspect of the course, gives precise explanations, gives you the anxiety to learn etc. She's got that ability to make fun while explaining things for better understanding. I really love this course." - Ekeu MonkamUlrich"Angela is very thorough without ever being boring. I've taken MANY online courses in my life including my Bachelors and Masters degrees. She is by far the best instructor I've ever had. This course is packed with thousands of dollars worth of great instruction, and paced well enough for anyone to pick coding up and run with it- Thank you!" - J Carlucci"Love the way Angela explains things. Easy to follow and full of logic. I can say she must have spent a lot of energy creating this great course. Thank you and I recommend it to all who's interested in coding!" - Yiqing Zheng"So far (on my third day) this course has taught me more than I was able to learn in multiple other programming courses. This course is clearly outlined and builds upon itself gradually in an easy to understand way." - Normal Ramsey"This course will take you from beginner to intermediate level for real. If you don't know how to put together the pieces of web development this is what you're looking for. Angela explains in an amazing way by creating projects all the way during this course, explaining the concepts in real practice. Thank you very much, Angela. I will always consider you my mentor. Look forward to taking more courses with you." - Moises Dionisio Cruz"An amazing course, perfect for absolute beginners at the start of their coding journey! Angela is an amazing tutor and can explain in the most simple and comprehensible way even complex coding notions. Learning web development cannot get any more fun!" - Zoe Moyssoglou"It's a different approach to teaching Web Development. I like that you are given everything possible to succeed from the onset." - Ronick ThomasThe tutor is simply AMAZING, by far the best tutor I have ever had. I would give her 10 stars out of 5. She is not just punching the code and talking to herself, but she is actually explaining things. She keeps on giving really useful hints and she will give you a great load of other references. I always knew what I was doing and why I was doing it. All the extra challenges have just made me remember and understand things better. - Peter DlugosREMEMBER… I'm so confident that you'll love this course that we're offering a FULL money-back guarantee for 30 days! So it's a complete no-brainer, sign up today with ZERO risk and EVERYTHING to gain.So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and join the world's highest-rated web development course.


Section 1: Front-End Web Development

Lecture 1 What You'll Get in This Course

Lecture 2 Download the Course Syllabus

Lecture 3 Download the Course Resources

Lecture 4 Download the 12 Rules to Learn to Code eBook [Latest Edition]

Lecture 5 START HERE

Lecture 6 How Does the Internet Actually Work?

Lecture 7 How Do Websites Actually Work?

Lecture 8 How to Get the Most Out of the Course

Lecture 9 How to Get Help When You're Stuck

Lecture 10 Pathfinder

Section 2: Introduction to HTML

Lecture 11 Introduction to HTML

Lecture 12 Using HTML Tags

Lecture 13 The Anatomy of an HTML Tag

Lecture 14 What we're building - HTML Personal Site

Lecture 15 What is The HTML Boilerplate?

Lecture 16 How to Structure Text in HTML

Lecture 17 HTML Lists

Lecture 18 HTML Image Elements

Lecture 19 HTML Links and Anchor Tags

Lecture 20 How to Ace this Course

Section 3: Intermediate HTML

Lecture 21 HTML Tables

Lecture 22 Using HTML Tables for Layout

Lecture 23 HTML Tables Code Challenge

Lecture 24 How to Type Emojis

Lecture 25 HTML Tables Solution Walkthrough

Lecture 26 HTML Forms

Lecture 27 Forms in Practice - Create a Contact Me Form

Lecture 28 Publish Your Website!

Lecture 29 Tip from Angela - Habit Building with the Calendar Trick

Lecture 30 Get Monthly Tips and Tools to Level Up as a Developer

Section 4: Introduction to CSS

Lecture 31 Introduction to CSS

Lecture 32 Inline CSS

Lecture 33 Internal CSS

Lecture 34 External CSS

Lecture 35 How to Debug CSS Code

Lecture 36 The Anatomy of CSS Syntax

Lecture 37 CSS Selectors

Lecture 38 Classes vs. Ids

Lecture 39 Tip from Angela - Dealing with Distractions

Lecture 40 Join the Student Community

Section 5: Intermediate CSS

Lecture 41 What We'll Make - Stylised Personal Site

Lecture 42 What Are Favicons?

Lecture 43 HTML Divs

Lecture 44 The Box Model of Website Styling

Lecture 45 CSS Display Property

Lecture 46 Learn More About Web Design

Lecture 47 CSS Static and Relative Positioning

Lecture 48 Absolute positioning

Lecture 49 The Dark Art of Centering Elements with CSS

Lecture 50 Font Styling in Our Personal Site

Lecture 51 Learn More About Typography

Lecture 52 Adding Content to Our Website

Lecture 53 CSS Sizing

Lecture 54 Font Properties Challenge 1 - Change the Colours

Lecture 55 Font Properties Challenge 2 - Change the Font Weight

Lecture 56 Font Properties Challenge 3 - Change the Line Height

Lecture 57 CSS Font Property Challenge Solutions

Lecture 58 CSS Float and Clear

Lecture 59 CSS Challenge

Lecture 60 Stylised Personal Site Solution Walkthrough

Lecture 61 [Optional] Get More Practice HTML and CSS

Lecture 62 Tip from Angela - Nothing Easy is Worth Doing!

Section 6: Introduction to Bootstrap 4

Lecture 63 What is Bootstrap?

Lecture 64 Installing Bootstrap

Lecture 65 Web Design 101 - Wireframing

Lecture 66 The Bootstrap Navigation Bar

Lecture 67 What We'll Make: TinDog

Lecture 68 Download the Starting Files

Lecture 69 Setting Up Our New Project

Lecture 70 Bootstrap Grid Layout System

Lecture 71 Getting Montserrat Black and other Font Weights

Lecture 72 Adding Grid Layouts to Our Website

Lecture 73 A Note About CSS Link Order

Lecture 74 Bootstrap Containers

Lecture 75 Bootstrap Buttons & Font Awesome

Lecture 76 Styling Our Website Challenges and Solutions

Lecture 77 Bootstrap Challenge 1

Lecture 78 Solution to Bootstrap Challenge 1

Lecture 79 Tip from Angela - How to Deal with Procrastination

Section 7: Intermediate Bootstrap

Lecture 80 The Bootstrap Carousel Part 1

Lecture 81 The Bootstrap Carousel Part 2

Lecture 82 Bootstrap Cards

Lecture 83 The CSS Z-Index and Stacking Order

Lecture 84 Media Query Breakpoints

Lecture 85 Bootstrap Challenge 2

Lecture 86 Bootstrap Challenge 2 Solution

Lecture 87 How to become a Better Programmer - Code Refactoring

Lecture 88 Put it into Practice - Refactor our Website Part 1

Lecture 89 Advanced CSS - Combining Selectors

Lecture 90 Refactoring our Website Part 2

Lecture 91 Advanced CSS - Selector Priority

Lecture 92 Completing the Website

Lecture 93 Download the Completed Website

Lecture 94 Tip from Angela - Building a Programming Habit

Section 8: Web Design School - Create a Website that People Love

Lecture 95 Introduction to Web Design

Lecture 96 Understanding Colour Theory

Lecture 97 Understanding Typography and How to Choose a Font

Lecture 98 Manage ATTENTION with effective User Interface (UI) Design

Lecture 99 User Experience (UX) Design

Lecture 100 Web Design in Practice - Let's apply what we've learnt!

Section 9: Introduction to Javascript ES6

Lecture 101 Introduction to Javascript

Lecture 102 Javascript Alerts - Adding Behaviour to Websites

Lecture 103 Data Types

Lecture 104 Javascript Variables

Lecture 105 Javascript Variables Exercise Start

Lecture 106 Javascript Variables Exercise Solution

Lecture 107 Naming and Naming Conventions for Javascript Variables

Lecture 108 String Concatenation

Lecture 109 String Lengths and Retrieving the Number of Characters

Lecture 110 Slicing and Extracting Parts of a String

Lecture 111 Challenge: Changing Casing in Text

Lecture 112 Challenge: Changing String Casing Solution

Lecture 113 Basic Arithmetic and the Modulo Operator in Javascript

Lecture 114 Increment and Decrement Expressions

Lecture 115 Functions Part 1: Creating and Calling Functions

Lecture 116 Functions Part 1 Challenge - The Karel Robot

Lecture 117 The Karel Chess Board Solution

Lecture 118 A Quick Note About the Next Lesson

Lecture 119 Functions Part 2: Parameters and Arguments

Lecture 120 Life in Weeks Solution

Lecture 121 Functions Part 3: Outputs & Return Values

Lecture 122 Challenge: Create a BMI Calculator

Lecture 123 Challenge: BMI Calculator Solution

Lecture 124 Tip from Angela - Set Your Expectations

Section 10: Intermediate Javascript

Lecture 125 Random Number Generation in Javascript: Building a Love Calculator

Lecture 126 Control Statements: Using If-Else Conditionals & Logic

Lecture 127 Comparators and Equality

Lecture 128 Combining Comparators

Lecture 129 Introducing the Leap Year Code Challenge

Lecture 130 Leap Year Solution

Lecture 131 Collections: Working with Javascript Arrays

Lecture 132 Adding Elements and Intermediate Array Techniques

Lecture 133 Who's Buying Lunch Solution

Lecture 134 Control Statements: While Loops

Lecture 135 Solution to the 99 Bottles Challenge

Lecture 136 Control Statements: For Loops

Lecture 137 Introducing the Fibonacci Code Challenge

Lecture 138 Fibonacci Solution

Lecture 139 Tip from Angela - Retrieval is How You Learn

Section 11: The Document Object Model (DOM)

Lecture 140 Adding Javascript to Websites

Lecture 141 Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)

Lecture 142 Solution to the DOM Challenge

Lecture 143 Selecting HTML Elements with Javascript

Lecture 144 Manipulating and Changing Styles of HTML Elements with Javascript

Lecture 145 The Separation of Concerns: Structure vs Style vs Behaviour

Lecture 146 Text Manipulation and the Text Content Property

Lecture 147 Manipulating HTML Element Attributes

Lecture 148 Tip from Angela - The 20 Minute Method

Section 12: Boss Level Challenge 1 - The Dicee Game

Lecture 149 Challenge: The Dicee Challenge

Lecture 150 Dicee Challenge Step 0 - Download the Skeleton Project

Lecture 151 Dicee Challenge Step 1 - Create an External Javascript File

Lecture 152 Dicee Challenge Step 2 - Add Dice Images

Lecture 153 Dicee Challenge Step 3 - Create a Random Number

Lecture 154 Dicee Challenge Step 4 - Change the to a Random Dice

Lecture 155 Dicee Challenge Step 5 - Change both Elements

Lecture 156 Dicee Challenge Step 6 - Change the Title to Display a Winner

Lecture 157 The Solution to the Dicee Challenge

Lecture 158 Download the Completed Website

Lecture 159 Tip from Angela - Learning Before you Eat

Section 13: Advanced Javascript and DOM Manipulation

Lecture 160 What We'll Make: Drum Kit

Lecture 161 Download the Starting Files

Lecture 162 Adding Event Listeners to a Button

Lecture 163 Higher Order Functions and Passing Functions as Arguments

Lecture 164 Higher Order Function Challenge Solution

Lecture 165 How to Play Sounds on a Website

Lecture 166 A Deeper Understanding of Javascript Objects

Lecture 167 How to Use Switch Statements in Javascript

Lecture 168 Objects, their Methods and the Dot Notation

Lecture 169 A Quick Note About the Next Lesson

Lecture 170 Using Keyboard Event Listeners to Check for Key Presses

Lecture 171 Understanding Callbacks and How to Respond to Events

Lecture 172 Adding Animation to Websites

Lecture 173 Download the Completed Website

Lecture 174 Tip from Angela - Dealing with Lack of Progress

Section 14: jQuery

Lecture 175 What is jQuery?

Lecture 176 How to Incorporate jQuery into Websites

Lecture 177 How Minification Works to Reduce File Size

Lecture 178 Selecting Elements with jQuery

Lecture 179 Manipulating Styles with jQuery

Lecture 180 Manipulating Text with jQuery

Lecture 181 Manipulating Attributes with jQuery

Lecture 182 Adding Event Listeners with jQuery

Lecture 183 Adding and Removing Elements with jQuery

Lecture 184 Website Animations with jQuery

Lecture 185 Tip from Angela - Mixing Knowledge

Section 15: Boss Level Challenge 2 - The Simon Game

Lecture 186 What You'll Make: The Simon Game

Lecture 187 Play the Game

Lecture 188 Step 0 - Download the Starting Files

Lecture 189 Step 1 - Add Javascript and jQuery

Lecture 190 Step 1 - Answer

Lecture 191 Step 2 - Create A New Pattern

Lecture 192 Step 2 - Answer

Lecture 193 Step 3 - Show the Sequence to the User with Animations and Sounds

Lecture 194 Step 3 - Answer

Lecture 195 Step 4 - Check Which Button is Pressed

Lecture 196 Step 4 - Answer

Lecture 197 Step 5 - Add Sounds to Button Clicks

Lecture 198 Step 5 - Answer

Lecture 199 Step 6 - Add Animations to User Clicks

Lecture 200 Step 6 - Answer

Lecture 201 Step 7 - Start the Game

Lecture 202 Step 7 - Answer

Lecture 203 Step 8 - Check the User's Answer Against the Game Sequence8

Lecture 204 Step 8 - Answer

Lecture 205 Step 9 - Game Over

Lecture 206 Step 9 - Answer

Lecture 207 Step 10 - Restart the Game

Lecture 208 Step 10 - Answer

Lecture 209 Download the Completed Project Code

Lecture 210 Tip from Angela - Dealing with Frustration

Section 16: The Unix Command Line

Lecture 211 Installing the Hyper Terminal

Lecture 212 Command Line Hyper Setup

Lecture 213 Understanding the Command Line. Long Live the Command Line!

Lecture 214 Command Line Techniques and Directory Navigation

Lecture 215 Creating, Opening, and Removing Files through the Command Line

Lecture 216 Tip from Angela - Sleep is My Secret Weapon

Section 17: Backend Web Development

Lecture 217 Backend Web Development Explained

Section 18: Node.js

Lecture 218 What is Node.js?

Lecture 219 Install Node.js on Mac

Lecture 220 Install Node.js on Windows

Lecture 221 The Power of the Command Line and How to Use Node

Lecture 222 The Node REPL (Read Evaluation Print Loops)

Lecture 223 How to Use the Native Node Modules

Lecture 224 The NPM Package Manager and Installing External Node Modules

Lecture 225 Tip from Angela - Step Up to the Challenge

Section 19: Express.js with Node.js

Lecture 226 What is Express?

Lecture 227 Creating Our First Server with Express

Lecture 228 Handling Requests and Responses: the GET Request

Lecture 229 Nodemon Installation

Lecture 230 Understanding and Working with Routes

Lecture 231 What We'll Make: A Calculator

Lecture 232 Calculator Setup Challenge

Lecture 233 Calculator Setup: Challenge Solution

Lecture 234 Responding to Requests with HTML Files

Lecture 235 Processing Post Requests with Body Parser

Lecture 236 BMI Routing Challenge

Lecture 237 Solution to the BMI Routing Challenge

Lecture 238 Tip from Angela - How to Solidify Your Knowledge

Section 20: APIs - Application Programming Interfaces

Lecture 239 Why Do We Need APIs?

Lecture 240 API Endpoints, Paths and Parameters.

Lecture 241 API Authentication and Postman

Lecture 242 What is JSON?

Lecture 243 Making GET Requests with the Node HTTPS Module

Lecture 244 How to Parse JSON

Lecture 245 Using Express to Render a Website with Live API Data

Lecture 246 Using Body Parser to Parse POST Requests to the Server

Lecture 247 The Mailchimp API - What You'll Make

Lecture 248 Setting Up the Sign Up Page

Lecture 249 Posting Data to Mailchimp's Servers via their API

Lecture 250 Adding Success and Failure Pages

Lecture 251 Deploying Your Server with Heroku

Lecture 252 Tip from Angela - Location, Location, Location!

Section 21: Git, Github and Version Control

Lecture 253 Introduction to Version Control and Git

Lecture 254 Version Control Using Git and the Command Line

Lecture 255 GitHub and Remote Repositories

Lecture 256 GitHub Private Repos are now Free! ?

Lecture 257 Gitignore

Lecture 258 Cloning

Lecture 259 Branching and Merging

Lecture 260 Optional Git Challenge

Lecture 261 Forking and Pull Requests

Lecture 262 Tip from Angela - Spaced Repetition

Section 22: EJS

Lecture 263 What We'll Make: A ToDoList

Lecture 264 Linter Errors with EJS

Lecture 265 Templates? Why Do We Need Templates?

Lecture 266 Creating Your First EJS Templates

Lecture 267 Running Code Inside the EJS Template

Lecture 268 Passing Data from Your Webpage to Your Server

Lecture 269 The Concept of Scope in the Context of Javascript

Lecture 270 Adding Pre-Made CSS Stylesheets to Your Website

Lecture 271 Understanding Templating vs. Layouts

Lecture 272 Understanding Node Module Exports: How to Pass Functions and Data between Files

Lecture 273 Tip from Angela - Use Accountability in your Favour

Section 23: Boss Level Challenge 3 - Blog Website

Lecture 274 A New Challenge Format and What We'll Make: A Blog

Lecture 275 Setting Up the Blog Project

Lecture 276 Challenge 1

Lecture 277 Challenge 1 Solution

Lecture 278 Challenge 2

Lecture 279 Challenge 2 Solution

Lecture 280 Challenge 3

Lecture 281 Challenge 3 Solution

Lecture 282 Challenge 4

Lecture 283 Challenge 4 Solution

Lecture 284 Challenge 5

Lecture 285 Challenge 5 Solution

Lecture 286 Challenge 6

Lecture 287 Challenge 6 Solution

Lecture 288 Challenge 7

Lecture 289 Challenge 7 Solution

Lecture 290 Challenge 8

Lecture 291 Challenge 8 Solution

Lecture 292 Challenge 9

Lecture 293 Challenge 9 Solution

Lecture 294 Challenge 10

Lecture 295 Challenge 10 Solution

Lecture 296 Challenge 11

Lecture 297 Challenge 11 Solution

Lecture 298 Challenge 12

Lecture 299 Challenge 12 Solution

Lecture 300 Challenge 13

Lecture 301 Challenge 13 Solution

Lecture 302 Challenge 14 and Solution

Lecture 303 Challenge 15

Lecture 304 Challenge 15 Solution

Lecture 305 Express Routing Parameters

Lecture 306 Challenge 16

Lecture 307 Challenge 16 Solution

Lecture 308 Challenge 17

Lecture 309 Challenge 17 Solution

Lecture 310 Challenge 18

Lecture 311 Challenge 18 Solution

Lecture 312 Challenge 19

Lecture 313 Challenge 19 Solution

Lecture 314 Challenge 20

Lecture 315 Challenge 20 Solution

Lecture 316 Challenge 21

Lecture 317 Challenge 21 Solution

Lecture 318 Tip from Angela - When Life Gives You Lemons

Section 24: Databases

Lecture 319 Databases Explained: SQL vs. NOSQL

Section 25: SQL

Lecture 320 SQL Commands: CREATE Table and INSERT Data

Lecture 321 SQL Commands: READ, SELECT, and WHERE

Lecture 322 Updating Single Values and Adding Columns in SQL

Lecture 323 SQL Commands: DELETE

Lecture 324 Understanding SQL Relationships, Foreign Keys and Inner Joins

Lecture 325 Tip from Angela - Find All the Hard Working People

Section 26: MongoDB

Lecture 326 Installing MongoDB on Mac

Lecture 327 Installing MongoDB on Windows

Lecture 328 MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Create

Lecture 329 MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Reading & Queries

Lecture 330 MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Update

Lecture 331 MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Delete

Lecture 332 Relationships in MongoDB

Lecture 333 Working with The Native MongoDB Driver

Lecture 334 If You Have Forgotten to Quit the Mongod Server

Lecture 335 Tip from Angela - Daily Routines

Section 27: Mongoose

Lecture 336 Introduction to Mongoose

Lecture 337 Reading from Your Database with Mongoose

Lecture 338 Data Validation with Mongoose

Lecture 339 Updating and Deleting Data Using Mongoose

Lecture 340 Establishing Relationships and Embedding Documents using Mongoose

Lecture 341 Tip from Angela - Deep Work

Section 28: Putting Everything Together

Lecture 342 Let's take the ToDoList Project to the Next Level and Connect it with Mongoose

Lecture 343 Rendering Database Items in the ToDoList App

Lecture 344 Adding New Items to our ToDoList Database

Lecture 345 Deleting Items from our ToDoList Database

Lecture 346 Creating Custom Lists using Express Route Parameters

Lecture 347 Adding New Items to the Custom ToDo Lists

Lecture 348 Revisiting Lodash and Deleting Items from Custom ToDo Lists

Lecture 349 Tip from Angela - One Step at a Time

Section 29: Deploying Your Web Application

Lecture 350 How to Deploy Web Apps with a Database

Lecture 351 How to Setup MongoDB Atlas

Lecture 352 Deploying an App with a Database to Heroku

Lecture 353 Tip from Angela - Discipline Breeds Discipline

Section 30: Boss Level Challenge 4 - Blog Website Upgrade

Lecture 354 Challenge: Give your Blog a Database

Lecture 355 Step 0 - Download the Starting Files

Lecture 356 Step 1 - Save Composed Posts with MongoDB

Lecture 357 Step 2 - Get the Home Page to Render the Posts

Lecture 358 Step 3 - Fix the bug

Lecture 359 Step 4 - Render the correct blog post based on post _id

Lecture 360 Completed Blog with Database Solution

Lecture 361 Tip from Angela - Dealing with Limitations

Section 31: Build Your Own RESTful API From Scratch

Lecture 362 What is REST?

Lecture 363 Creating a Database with Robo 3T

Lecture 364 Set Up Server Challenge

Lecture 365 Set Up Server Solution

Lecture 366 GET All Articles

Lecture 367 POST a New Article

Lecture 368 DELTE All Articles

Lecture 369 Chained Route Handlers Using Express

Lecture 370 GET a Specific Article

Lecture 371 PUT a Specific Article

Lecture 372 PATCH a Specific Article

Lecture 373 DELETE a Specific Article

Lecture 374 Download the Completed Project Code

Lecture 375 Tip from Angela - How to Get a Job as Programmer

Section 32: Authentication & Security

Lecture 376 Introduction to Authentication

Lecture 377 Getting Set Up

Lecture 378 Level 1 - Register Users with Username and Password

Lecture 379 How to Review the Source Code

Lecture 380 Level 2 - Database Encryption

Lecture 381 Using Environment Variables to Keep Secrets Safe

Lecture 382 Level 3 - Hashing Passwords

Lecture 383 Hacking 101 ☣️

Lecture 384 Level 4 - Salting and Hashing Passwords with bcrypt

Lecture 385 What are Cookies and Sessions?

Lecture 386 Using Passport.js to Add Cookies and Sessions

Lecture 387 Level 6 - OAuth 2.0 & How to Implement Sign In with Google

Lecture 388 Finishing Up the App - Letting Users Submit Secrets

Lecture 389 Download the Completed Project Code

Lecture 390 Tip from Angela - How to Work as a Freelancer

Section 33: React.js

Lecture 391 What is React?

Lecture 392 What we will make in this React module

Lecture 393 Introduction to Code Sandbox and the Structure of the Module

Lecture 394 Introduction to JSX and Babel

Lecture 395 JSX Code Practice

Lecture 396 Javascript Expressions in JSX & ES6 Template Literals

Lecture 397 Javascript Expressions in JSX Practice

Lecture 398 JSX Attributes & Styling React Elements

Lecture 399 Inline Styling for React Elements

Lecture 400 React Styling Practice

Lecture 401 React Components

Lecture 402 React Components Practice

Lecture 403 Javascript ES6 - Import, Export and Modules

Lecture 404 Javascript ES6 Import, Export and Modules Practice

Lecture 405 [Windows]​ Local Environment Setup for React Development

Lecture 406 [Mac] Local Environment Setup for React Development​

Lecture 407 Newer Versions of Node Troubleshooting

Lecture 408 Keeper App Project - Part 1 Challenge

Lecture 409 Keeper App Part 1 Solution

Lecture 410 React Props

Lecture 411 React Props Practice

Lecture 412 React DevTools

Lecture 413 Mapping Data to Components

Lecture 414 Mapping Data to Components​ Practice

Lecture 415 Javascript ES6 Map/Filter/Reduce

Lecture 416 Javascript ES6 Arrow functions

Lecture 417 Keeper App Project - Part 2

Lecture 418 React Conditional Rendering with the Ternary Operator & AND Operator

Lecture 419 Conditional Rendering Practice

Lecture 420 State in React - Declarative vs. Imperative Programming

Lecture 421 React Hooks - useState

Lecture 422 useState Hook Practice

Lecture 423 Javascript ES6 Object & Array Destructuring

Lecture 424 Javascript ​ES6 Destructuring Challenge Solution

Lecture 425 Event Handling in React

Lecture 426 React Forms

Lecture 427 Class Components vs. Functional Components

Lecture 428 Changing Complex State

Lecture 429 Changing Complex State Practice

Lecture 430 Javascript ES6 Spread Operator

Lecture 431 Javascript ES6 Spread Operator Practice

Lecture 432 Managing a Component Tree

Lecture 433 Managing a Component Tree Practice

Lecture 434 Keeper App Project - Part 3

Lecture 435 React Dependencies & Styling the Keeper App

Lecture 436 Tip from Angela - How to Build Your Own Product

Section 34: Web3 Decentralised App (DApp) Development with the Internet Computer

Lecture 437 What is Web3?

Lecture 438 How does the Blockchain actually work?

Lecture 439 What are DApps (Decentralised Apps) and how do you develop them?

Lecture 440 What is the Internet Computer (ICP)?

Lecture 441 Read Me!

Lecture 442 [Mac Users] Installation and Setup for Web3 Development

Lecture 443 [Windows Users] Installation and Setup for Web3 Development

Section 35: Build Your First Defi (Decentralised Finance) DApp - DBANK

Lecture 444 What You'll Build - DBANK (Inspired by Compound)

Lecture 445 Introduction to the Motoko Language

Lecture 446 Motoko Functions and the Candid User Interface

Lecture 447 Motoko Conditionals and Type Annotations

Lecture 448 Query vs. Update Methods

Lecture 449 Orthogonal Persistance

Lecture 450 Tracking Time and Calculating Compound Interest

Lecture 451 Adding HTML and CSS to Create the Frontend for DBANK

Lecture 452 Connecting the Motoko Backend to our JS Frontend

Lecture 453 Where to Get Help and Support for Development on the Internet Computer

Section 36: Deploying to the ICP Live Blockchain

Lecture 454 What are Cycles and the ICP Token?

Lecture 455 No Cycles, No Problems!

Lecture 456 How to Claim Free Cycles from Dfinity

Lecture 457 How to Deploy to the ICP Network

Lecture 458 How to Convert ICP into Cycles?

Lecture 459 [Optional] How to Deploy a Static Website onto the ICP Blockchain for Hosting

Section 37: Building DApps on ICP with a React Frontend

Lecture 460 How to Configure a DFX Created Project to Use React

Lecture 461 Storing Data on a Canister

Lecture 462 Retrieving Data from a Canister

Lecture 463 Deleting and Persistance

Section 38: Create Your Own Crypto Token

Lecture 464 Tokens and Coins: What are they and how are they used?

Lecture 465 Download and Configure the Skeleton Project

Lecture 466 Using Motoko Hashmaps to Store Token Balances

Lecture 467 Showing the User's Token Balance on the Frontend

Lecture 468 Creating the Faucet Functionality Using the Shared Keyword

Lecture 469 Creating the Transfer Functionality

Lecture 470 Using the Transfer Functionality in the Faucet

Lecture 471 Persisting Non-Stable Types Using the Pre- and Postupgrade Methods

Lecture 472 What is the Internet Identity?

Lecture 473 Authenticating with the Internet Identity

Lecture 474 [Optional] Live Deployment to Test Internet Identity Authentication

Section 39: Minting NFTs and Building an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea

Lecture 475 What You'll Build - A Website to Mint, Buy and Sell NFTs

Lecture 476 Minting NFTs

Lecture 477 Viewing the NFT on the Frontend

Lecture 478 Enabling the Minting Functionality on the Frontend

Lecture 479 Displaying Owned NFTs Using the React Router

Lecture 480 Listing NFTs for Sale

Lecture 481 Styling the Listed NFTs

Lecture 482 Creating the "Discover" Page

Lecture 483 Buying NFTs

Lecture 484 Join the $6 Million Dollar Supernova Hackathon

Section 40: Optional Module: Ask Angela Anything

Lecture 485 AAA 1 - How to Soak in Programming Concepts and more…

Lecture 486 AAA 2 - Schedule for Learning to Code and more…

Lecture 487 AAA 3 - How to Start Freelancing and more…

Lecture 488 AAA 4 - The Live AMA

Section 41: Next Steps

Lecture 489 Vote for the Next Module!

Lecture 490 Bonus Lecture

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