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The Great Brain Robbery: Why Women Have Become Smarter Than Men--Science With an Attitude

Posted By: TiranaDok
The Great Brain Robbery: Why Women Have Become Smarter Than Men--Science With an Attitude

The Great Brain Robbery: Why Women Have Become Smarter Than Men–Science With an Attitude by Dr. Brian John Moench
English | March 6, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08Y9DDRC9 | 454 pages | PDF | 8.50 Mb

Women are smarter than men. Really? Indeed, there is a growing disparity worldwide in the intelligence and educational achievements of men and women. Despite numerous cultural and sociologic disadvantages, women are outperforming men. There is also an increasing accumulation of environmental contaminants, especially neurotoxins, in our air, water, food, and soil. They are emitted by industry, our own government, and our next-door neighbors. They pollute the sanctuary of our own homes and personal space, are embedded in the clothes we wear, the couch we become potatoes on, and the kitchen we fix our food in. They infiltrate our bathrooms, showers, and personal care products. Even hospital nurseries, baby food and breast milk are contaminated with neurotoxins. These contaminants include far more than the ones well known to the public, like lead and mercury, but dozens of others common in the current environment, including; aluminum, flame retardants, the Teflon group, fluoride, pesticides, cell phone radiation, air pollution, and many others overlooked by governments, corporations, and consumers. Neurobehavioral and developmental disorders like autism, ADHD, and impaired intellect are increasing in frequency, reaching epidemic proportions. Males are much more often the victims of this disturbing trend. We are all injured parties by ubiquitous neurotoxins. The end result is a silent, mass erosion of intellect, altered behavior and personal relationships, and harm to the academic and career potential of children, teenagers, and adults of both sexes, males in particular. By harming chromosomes, we are even jeopardizing the brains of future generations. Ironically, it will probably fall to women to save men from themselves. There are many things that government and society must do, and many they must stop doing, in order to end The Great Brain Robbery.