The Escort Carrier Gambier Bay

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The Escort Carrier Gambier Bay

The Escort Carrier Gambier Bay (Anatomy of the Ship) By Al Ross
Publisher: Naval Institute Press 1993 | 112 Pages | ISBN: 1557502358 | PDF | 51 MB

The Casablanca class CVEs were developed in response to the need for large numbers of small aircraft carriers for transport and escort duties. Earlier development had included the conversion of a small number of merchant types, primarily the diesel-powered C3 cargo types. Increased demand from both USN and Royal Navy sources caused the Secretary of the Navy to approve the conversion of twenty-four C3-S-A1 hulls in December, 1941. These new escort carriers were to be steam powered and have a single screw, with dimensions similar to their diesel-powered predecessors. Ultimately, only twenty C3 conversions, designated the Bogue class, were actually completed from this initial authorisation. The other four ships, the Sangamon class, were converted from Cimarron class oilers. A follow-on group of twenty-four Bogues, usually referred to as the Prince William class, was authorised the following year. All but Prince William were transferred to the Royal Navy.


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