«Toddler Parenting Success» by Marie C. Foster

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«Toddler Parenting Success» by Marie C. Foster

«Toddler Parenting Success» by Marie C. Foster
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Toddler Parenting Success: 2 Books In 1!

Learn Toddler Parenting Success today by owning this Ultimate Toddler Care and Development guide:

Book 1 – Toddler Discipline: Proven Toddler Discipline Strategies for Stress & Guilt-Free Parenting

Book 2 – Toddler Potty Training: Incredibly Simple 2-Day Potty Training that Works


Learn Stress-Free & Guilt-Free Toddler Discipline Strategies today to help you raise an emotionally healthy, well-balanced child!

Have you ever tried to discipline your child -

- for hitting- for screaming- for not eating during meal time- for throwing things… and finding it a challenge not getting the positive results you desire?

Have you always wanted to know effective discipline strategies to your toddler -

- in public- at bedtime- at the dinner table or during meal time- in the car- at the daycare… without feeling guilty or stressed out?

If you answered “Yes” to any of questions above, then this book «Toddler Discipline: Proven Toddler Discipline Strategies for Stress & Guilt-Free Parenting” is for you.


★★ Here is What You Will Learn: ★★

1. How to come up with a discipline strategy that is ideal for your son or daughter

2. The most effective strategies for different places and situations, which can be implemented without guilt or stress

3. The benefits of developing a discipline strategy that suits your child’s specific mental and emotional needs

★★ PLUS: Bonus Section Included – How to Discipline Children with Special Needs ★★

By implementing the lessons in this book, you will have a well-behaved toddler in no-time. You can work through the terrible two’s and help your child learn to practice self-control and emotional regulation, with your positive support as a driving force.


Learn Potty Training for your Child in 2 Days Or Less!

Have you wanted to potty train your child but lacked the time to do it?

Have you always wanted to learn information on potty training such as -

- what to do when your toddler refuses or won't do potty training- what age or about when is a toddler reading for potty training- how to help your toddler potty train – without the stress ?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this book “Toddler Potty Training: Incredibly Simple 2-Day Potty Training that Works” is for you.

★★ Here is What You Will Learn: ★★

1. How the 2-day potty training boot camp works and how it makes it easier for working or busy parents

2. Detailed specifics of the 2-day method – and why it is one of the most effective ways to toilet train your child

3. How to come up with a plan for your toddler, including what to buy for toilet training, choosing a reward, preparing them for the big weekend

Don't wait any longer! Own this 2-in-1 book bundle now to begin your goal of applying effective Toddler Parenting for time-saving and stress-free results.