Ofer Bar-Yosef and João Zilhão, "Towards a Definition of the Aurignacian"

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Ofer Bar-Yosef and João Zilhão,  "Towards a Definition of the Aurignacian"

Towards a Definition of the Aurignacian

Publisher: Instituto Português de Arqueologia | 2006 | ISBN: 97286622890 | Pages: 377 | PDF | 6.6 MB


In 2002 a symposium was held in Lisbon which brought together scholars working on the subject of the Aurignacian, to try to find clarity on what defines an Aurignacian assemblage. Frequently linked to the colonisation of Europe by modern humans, research on the Aurignacian has often looked towards finding origins rather than defining assemblages in a European context. The nineteen papers presented here are testament to the work being carried out on the Aurignacian, with case studies from Portugal, France, Italy, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Levant, and parts of central Europe. Contributors approach the subject from a range of angles with discussions on chronology, technological variability, refitting, classification, geographical dispersion, characterisation of lithic industries, technical changes and transitional processes, re-examinations of the criteria for recognising the Aurignacian and of old assemblages, as well as detailed studies of specific assemblages and of their broader context. 377p, b/w figs and pls (Trabalhos de Arqueologia 45, 2006)