Understanding and Writing Compilers: A Do It Yourself Guide

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Understanding and Writing Compilers: A Do It Yourself Guide

Richard Bornat, "Understanding and Writing Compilers: A Do It Yourself Guide"
Macmillan | 1979 | ISBN: 0333217314 | 400 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB

This book attempts to explain and demystify the principles of compiler writing so that you can go out and build a working compiler of your own. There is
enough detail in this book for you to build a compiler for quite a complicated language but it doesn't attempt an encyclopaedic coverage of the field.
It is intended more as an introduction to compiler-writing and a do-it-yourself kit for the compiler-writer,giving enough detail for you to understand the principles of the subject, than as a survey of past history or present horizons.
The principles of interpretation are close enough to those of compilation for chapter 19 to give a simple introduction to interpreter writing.

This is an unusually helpful book, being one of the few that adequately explains the recursive generation of machine instructions from a parse-tree.
Having learnt his subject in the early days of mainframes and minicomputers, the author has many useful insights that more recent books often fail to convey.

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