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Unreal Engine 5: One Course Solution For Niagara Vfx

Posted By: ELK1nG
Unreal Engine 5: One Course Solution For Niagara Vfx

Unreal Engine 5: One Course Solution For Niagara Vfx
Published 1/2023
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Language: English | Size: 11.28 GB | Duration: 14h 7m

Use Niagara to create stunning, game-ready VFX in Unreal Engine 5 through a step by step approach

What you'll learn

Different usage of different niagara emitters and renderer

Create different types of game ready VFX

Create different master materials for VFX

Bake out noise texture directly in Unreal

Create multiple environment FX like dandelion, rain, water fall and etc

Create attacking FX like energy strike, lightning hit and projectiles

Create custom modules for custom particle behaviors

Use blueprint to to program VFX behavior

Use custom niagara module to create character disintegration

Basic concepts behind niagara paramaters/namespaces/function/dynamic input


No knowledge needed for Niagara, everything will be done from scratch


Welcome to your unreal engine 5 one course solution for Niagara VFX, in this course ,you are gonna learn how to create different types of VFX like Portal FX, Rain FX, Projectile FX, Energy Strike, character disintegration, and much much more. And we’ll start from the basic.In the first section, you are gonna learn all the basic stuff that you need to know about niagara for creating different VFX by creating dandelion FX and flame thrower. We are first gonna cover the different emitter stages inside of niagara, then start using the sprite renderer to help us to get more familiar with different niagara modules.With all the knowledge and skills we have, in the second section, we are gonna create different types of VFX like portal FX, hit impact FX, butterfily FX, meteror attack, laser attack, energy strike, and projectile FX like blade slash and flying sword. We’ll begin with the portal FX and start modifying our master materials created in the last section to support more VFX features. Then, we’ll use blueprint to create a VFX spawner and use it to spawn this hit impact surface and hit impact body FX. After that, we’ll discuss the 3 most important states a VFX must have in order for it to be complete by creating this meteor attack. After that, we’ll go into blender and create a projectile mesh for our niagara and use blueprint to help us spawn blade slash and flying sword.In the third section, you’ll learn how to create follow the leader FX, rain FX, waterfall FX, different dissolving effect for texture, static mesh and skeletal mesh. We’ll start with all the basic concepts that you must know for creating a custom niagara module, then with the knowledge on niagara paramater, namespaces, we’ll create this follow the leader FX. Then with a liitle bit of vector math and some calculation in our own custom modules, we’re gonna create a more advanced version of it. Then, with all we’ve learned, we’ll look into how to create rain FX, waterfall FX and  dissolving FX for texture, static mesh and combine them with distance field to help us dynamic character disintegration.This is going to be the most comprehensive Niagara VFX course that you'll ever find online and no course covers this wide varitey of things like this one. After taking it, you should be able to create any type of VFX you like.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What Consists Of A Niagara VFX?

Lecture 3 Important Notes Before You Start

Lecture 4 Create A VFX Project

Lecture 5 How To Get Help?

Section 2: Niagara Basic

Lecture 6 Niagara Basic Section Overview

Lecture 7 First Emitter

Lecture 8 Emitter Stage

Lecture 9 Simple Moving Sprite

Lecture 10 Shape Location

Lecture 11 Forces

Lecture 12 GPU Sprite

Lecture 13 First VFX Material

Lecture 14 Section Challenge: Create Floating Dandeline

Lecture 15 Share Task: Share Your Dandelion FX

Lecture 16 Sub UV Animation

Lecture 17 Start Of Flame Thrower: Create The Main Flame

Lecture 18 Smoke For Flame Thrower

Lecture 19 Section Challenge: Blue Flame And Ember

Lecture 20 Create Heat Distortion

Lecture 21 End Of Flame Thrower: Recap

Lecture 22 Share Task: Share Your Flame Thrower

Lecture 23 Mesh Renderer

Lecture 24 Custom Mesh

Lecture 25 Baking Texture In Unreal

Lecture 26 Draw Material To Render Target

Lecture 27 Ribbon Renderer

Lecture 28 Material Refresher: UV Manipulation

Lecture 29 Create Pan Distort Material

Lecture 30 Create Perlin Noise

Lecture 31 Variation From Voronoi Noise

Lecture 32 Share Task: Share Your Noise Texture

Lecture 33 Section Warp Up

Section 3: Niagara Skill VFX

Lecture 34 Niagara Skill VFX Section Overview

Lecture 35 Set Up The Demo Room

Lecture 36 Start Of Portall FX: Create The Outline Of Portal

Lecture 37 Depth Fade And SubUV Animation

Lecture 38 Center Rotating Particles

Lecture 39 Center Rotating Patterns

Lecture 40 Material Effect With Mesh Renderer

Lecture 41 End Of Portal FX: Background Details And Debris

Lecture 42 Fix The Missing Center Pattern

Lecture 43 Start Of Hit Impact: Create VFX Spawner

Lecture 44 Hit Impact Surface

Lecture 45 End Of Hit Impact: Section Challenge1 - Hit Impact Body

Lecture 46 Section Challenge2: Butterfly FX

Lecture 47 Share Task: Share What You Created

Lecture 48 Start Of Meteor Attack: Anticipation For Meteor Attack

Lecture 49 Meteor Shell Mesh

Lecture 50 Create Shell FX

Lecture 51 Climax For Meteor Attack

Lecture 52 End Of Meteor Attack: Dissipation For Meteor Attack

Lecture 53 Start Of Laser Attack: Create Laser Mesh

Lecture 54 Create Laser Core

Lecture 55 Laser Shell

Lecture 56 Laser Fire Pattern

Lecture 57 End Of Laser Attack: Decoration Particles

Lecture 58 Start Of Energy Strike: Custom Sprite Alignment

Lecture 59 Location Event

Lecture 60 Custom Rotator

Lecture 61 Dynamic Paramaters

Lecture 62 Section Challenge3: More Elements For Climax

Lecture 63 Section Challenge4: Cylinder FX

Lecture 64 End Of Energy Strike: Dissipation

Lecture 65 Share Task: Share Your Energy Strike

Lecture 66 Start Of Projectile FX: Blade Slash Mesh

Lecture 67 Linear Gradient

Lecture 68 BP Projectile Master

Lecture 69 Projectile VFX Spawner

Lecture 70 Blade Slash Variations

Lecture 71 Following Particles

Lecture 72 Ground Particles

Lecture 73 Section Challenge4: Muzzle And Hit Impact VFX

Lecture 74 End Of Projectile FX: Different VFX Meshes

Lecture 75 Section Wrap Up

Lecture 76 Optional Challenge: Create Your Own VFX

Section 4: Custom Niagara Module VFX

Lecture 77 Custom Niagara Module VFX Section Overview

Lecture 78 Custom Niagara Module 101

Lecture 79 Attributes Reader

Lecture 80 Follow The Leader Advanced

Lecture 81 Start Of Rain FX: Frenel

Lecture 82 Liquid Master Dyn Param

Lecture 83 Main Rain Drops

Lecture 84 Generate Collision Event

Lecture 85 Section Challenge: Rain Splash Large

Lecture 86 Ripples

Lecture 87 Check Collision Normal

Lecture 88 End Of Rain FX: Custom Niagara Enums

Lecture 89 More is on the way…

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