"Updates in Volcanology: From Volcano Modelling to Volcano Geology" ed. by Karoly Nemeth

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"Updates in Volcanology: From Volcano Modelling to Volcano Geology" ed. by Karoly Nemeth

"Updates in Volcanology: From Volcano Modelling to Volcano Geology" ed. by Karoly Nemeth
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535126237 9535126229 9789535126225 9789535126232 | 415 pages | PDF | 272 MB

This new book provides a snapshot of current trends in volcanological researches, and consists chapters demonstrating clearly the research activity in volcanology from geophysical aspects of volcanic systems to their geological framework.

Each chapter provides a comprehensive summary of their subject's current research directions. This book hence can equally be useful for students and researchers.

1 Introductory Chapter: Updates in Volcanology – From Volcano Modeling to Volcano Geology
2 Studying Volcanic Plumbing Systems – Multidisciplinary Approaches to a Multifaceted Problem
3 Photogrammetric Survey in Volcanology: A Case Study for Kamchatka Active Volcanoes
4 Recent Developments and Trends in Volcano Gravimetry
5 Structural Analysis of Calderas by Semiautomatic Interpretation of the Gravity Gradient Tensor: A Case Study in Central Kyushu, Japan
6 Investigating Source Conditions and Controlling Parameters of Explosive Eruptions: Some Experimental-Observational- Modelling Case Studies
7 Pyroclastic Density Current Hazards at the Baekdusan Volcano, Korea: Analyses of Several Scenarios from a Small-Case to the Worst-Case Colossal Eruption
8 Magnitude‐Frequency Distribution of Slope Failures in Japan: Statistical Approach to a True Perspective on Volcanic Mega‐Collapses
9 Radiative Impacts of Volcanic Aerosol in the Arctic
10 Effect of Volcano-Polluted Seawater on the Corrosion Behaviour of Different Alloys
11 Fumarolic Minerals: An Overview of Active European Volcanoes
12 Submarine Volcanism of the Cabo de Gata Magmatic Arc in the Betic-Rif Orogen, SE Spain: Processes and Products
13 How Polygenetic are Monogenetic Volcanoes: Case Studies of Some Complex Maar‐Diatreme Volcanoes
14 Ordovician and Carboniferous Volcanism/Plutonism in Central Inner Mongolia, China and Paleozoic Evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt

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