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Vegetarian: 365 Days of Vegetarian Recipes

Posted By: Free butterfly
Vegetarian: 365 Days of Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian: 365 Days of Vegetarian Recipes (Vegetarian, Vegetarian Cookbook, Vegetarian Diet, Vegetarian Slow Cooker, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Weight Loss, Vegetarian Diet For Beginners) by Emma Katie
English | November 15, 2016 | ISBN: 1539581241 | 134 pages | EPUB | 0.20 Mb

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365 Days of Vegetarian Recipes is mainly designed to make each and every cook book lovers to relish the fine dining vegetarian dishes at home. The cook book includes the best recipes which I have tested and even makes you to get variable cooking options through oven, microwave and even through stoves. The eBook is well printed with top class western cuisines, the recipes are tested and marked by me as the best recipes.
In 365 Vegetarian Recipes, the author provides 365 healthy recipes for people who are searching for a healthier life. Vegetarian offers several advantages:
- Lower body weight - Vegetarian foods do not have an excess amount of fates in them, especially as compared to the non-vegetarian food items. According to a research carried out by the Cancer Research UK, meat eaters gain more weight over a 5 year period as compared to the vegetarians.
- Better cholesterol levels - We all know that eating red meat increases your cholesterol levels. A research done by the scientists at the University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital have found that eating particular plant foods decrease cholesterol and can be even used to treat patients with high cholesterol. Consuming a diet that consists of soy proteins, nuts (preferably almonds), margarine with plant sterols (a component present in leafy vegetables and vegetable oils) and high fiber foods like barley and oats, reduce the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. This bad cholesterol often leads to the coronary artery getting clogged up.
- Lower risk of cancer - Researchers working at the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Oxford (EPIC-Oxford) have discovered that vegetarians are at a lower risk of contracting cancer as compared to the meat eaters.
- Extended life-span - As following a vegetarian diet plan protects you from a variety of ailments and diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc., every vegetarian’s life expectancy increases when compared to the life expectancy of a non-vegetarian.
In addition to mouthwatering recipes like:
Mushroom Bulogi with Tortia
Arugula-Peach Salad
Fresh corn Tomatillo with hot paprika
These are few from the best recipe which the eBook contains. The eBook has the best and most efficient of all kind of steps that a housewife needs to present her magic in the kitchen. Everyone can enjoy the best dishes and perfect taste and moreover each and every dish that the book has are 100% health efficient for you too. Thus prepare the best 365 days of Vegetarian Recipes and live a life of happiness and good health following this eBook.

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