ABC of Psychological Medicine

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This book provides both the evidence and the guidance to enable doctors to improve their assessment and management of the psychological and behavioural aspects of the most common problems presenting in general medical care.It summarises the recent research evidence and provides common sense guidance on how psychological and psychiatric aspects of illness can be addressed within the medical consultation.

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(BMJ Books) Univ. of Oxford. UK. Text is an evidence-based overview of the psychological aspects of medical practice. Includes the assessment of anxiety, depression, and functional somatic symptoms. Focuses on the day-to-day practice and problems rather than psychological theory. For physicians and healthcare professionals


Contributors vi

Preface vii

Introduction viii

1 The consultation 1
Linda Gask, Tim Usherwood

2 Beginning treatment 4
Jonathan Price, Laurence Leaver

3 Organising care for chronic illness 7
Michael Von Korff, Russell E Glasgow, Michael Sharpe

4 Depression in medical patients 10
Robert Peveler, Alan Carson, Gary Rodin

5Anxiety in medical patients 14
Allan House, Dan Stark

6 Functional somatic symptoms and syndromes 17
Richard Mayou, Andrew Farmer

7 Chronic multiple functional somatic symptoms 21
Christopher Bass, Stephanie May

8 Cancer 25
Craig A White, Una Macleod

9 Trauma 29
Richard Mayou, Andrew Farmer

10 Fatigue 33
Michael Sharpe, David Wilks

11 Musculoskeletal pain 37
Chris J Main, Amanda C de C Williams

12 Abdominal pain and functional gastrointestinal disorders 41
Elspeth Guthrie, David Thompson

13 Chest pain 44
Christopher Bass, Richard Mayou

14 Delirium 48
Tom Brown, Michael Boyle

Index 53