Adobe Scripting: Photoshop and Illustrator

Posted By: Bubunya
Продолжая тему скриптов в программах от Адоба, предлогаю вашему вниманию еще одну книгу, на этот раз по скриптам в PS и Illustrator.

Adobe Scripting: Your visual blueprint for scripting in Photoshop and Illustrator
Chandler McWilliams | April 2003 | PDF | 17.3MB | 299 pages

* Written by New York graphic design professional Chandler McWilliams, this is the first book about Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator design scripting on the market
* Discusses scripting procedures and techniques for Photoshop and Illustrator using JavaScript
* Explains how to automate tasks such as linking graphics to a database, transforming images, and performing batch processes
* Features more than 500 fully annotated screenshots, expanded introductions, and tips with real-life examples
Combining clear, step-by-step screen shots with minimal text, our five Visual series are the ultimate resources for visual learners, who represent up to forty percent of your customers.

Архив так же содержит отдельный фолдер, в котором находятся разнообразнейшие примеры скриптов, описываемых в книге.