Advanced Therapy of Prostate Disease

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Advanced Therapy of Prostate Disease

Martin I. Resnick, «Advanced Therapy of Prostate Disease»
Publisher: B.C. Decker | ISBN: 1550091026 | April 2000 | 670 Pages | PDF | 16,7 Mb
Students and practitioners in urology

From the initial examination to postsurgical psychological concerns, this book is a complete guide to every aspect of prostatic disease management. First, it describes the physical examination in detail, as well as laboratory and imaging techniques. Then, the pros and cons of treatment methods for every type and variation of prostatic cancer and benign condition are discussed. Postoperative treatment (including behavioral issues) is also covered.

Key Features:
- Covers the full spectrum of treatment options: chemotherapy, radiation, experimental, nontraditional, nutritional, lifestyle, and more
- Explains how to guide patients through the psychological effects of prostatic disease, including coping with incontinence and impotence
- Includes the latest research on fertility pre- and post- prostatectomy
- Accompanied by a CD-ROM with the complete text and illustrations of the book, in fully searchable PDF files


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