Advanced General Relativity - eBook Collection

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Advanced General Relativity - eBook Collection

Advanced General Relativity - eBook Collection
English | PDF | 75 books | 805 MB

Compilation of books on General Relativity (Classical and Quantum) (Advanced Level) containing the greatest classics and the most specialized.
1. A First Course in General Relativity 2e - Schutz
2. A Short Course in General Relativity 3e - Foster and Nightingale
3. Advanced General Relativity - Stewart
4. An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory - Schweber
5. Analytical and Numerical Approaches to Mathematical Relativity - Frauendiener, Giulini, and Perlick
6. Analytical Mechanics for Relativity and Quantum Mechanics - Johns
7. Approaches to Numerical Relativity - d_Inverno
8. Classical Mechanics Point Particles and Relativity - Greiner
9. Complex General Relativity - Esposito
10. Einstein_s General Theory of Relativity With Modern Applications to Cosmology - Gron and Hervik
11. Einstein_s Theory of Relativity - Max Born
12. Elements of Numerical Relativity - Bona and Palenzuela-Luque
13. Energy and Mass in Relativity Theory - Okun
14. Exact Solutions of Relativistic Wave Equations - Bagrov and Gitman
15. Exact Space-Times in Einstein_s General Relativity - Griffiths and Podolsky
16. Gauge Theories Particle Physics Vol. I From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to QED 3e - Aitchison and Hey
17. General Relativistic Dynamics Extending Einstein_s Legacy Throughout the Universe - Cooperstock
18. General Relativity - Crowell
19. General Relativity - Khriplovich
20. General Relativity - Wald
21. General Relativity - Woodhouse
22. General Relativity 2e - Straumann
23. General Relativity A Geometric Approach - Ludvigsen
24. General Relativity An Introduction for Physicists - Hobson, Efstathiou, and Lasenby
25. General Relativity and the Einstein Equations - Choquet-Bruhat
26. General Relativity for Mathematicians - Sachs and Wu
27. General Theory of Relativity - P.A.M Dirac
28. Gravitation and Astrophysics On the Occasion of the 90th Year of General Relativity - Nester, Chen, and Hsu
29. Gravitation and Cosmology Principles and Applications of The General Theory of Relativity - Weinberg
30. Introduction to General Relativity Black Holes and Cosmology - Choquet-Bruhat
31. Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Chemistry - Dyall and Faegri
32. Introduction to Spacetime A First Course on Relativity - Laurent
33. Introduction to Special Relativity - Resnick
34. Lagrangian Interaction An Introduction to Relativistic Symmetry in Electrodynamics and Gravitation - Doughty
35. Lecture Notes on the General Theory of Relativity From Newton_s Attractive Gravity to the Repulsive Gravity of Vacuum Energy - Gron
36. Mass and Motion in General Relativity - Blanchet, Spallicci, and Whiting
37. Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity - Thiemann
38. Numerical Relativity Solving Einstein_s Equations on the Computer - Baumgarte and Shapiro
39. One Hundred Years of General Relativity From Genesis and Empirical Foundations to Gravitional Waves, Cosmology and Quantum Gravity Vol. 1 - Ni
40. Operational Quantum Theory I Non-relativistic Structures - Saller
41. Relativistic Numerical Hydrodynamics - Wilson and Mathews
42. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics - Bjorken and Drell
43. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory - Gross
44. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Introduction to Quantum Field Theory - Capri
45. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Wave Equations 3e - Greiner
46. 3e - Lifshitz, Berestetskii, and Pitaevskii
47. Relativistic Quantum Theory of Atoms and Molecules Theory and Computation - Grant
48. Relativity An Introduction to Special and General Relativity 3e - Stephani
49. Relativity and Geometry - Torretti
50. Relativity and the Nature of Spacetime - Petkov
51. Relativity Special, General, and Cosmological 2e - Rindler
52. Relativity The Special and General Theory - Albert Einstein
53. Relativity Thermodynamics and Cosmology - Tolman
54. Relativity, gravitation and cosmology - Lambourne
55. Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology A Basic Introduction - Cheng
56. Selected Solutions of Einstein_s Field Equations Their Role in General Relativity and Astrophysics - Bicak
57. Space, Time and Gravitation An Outline of the General Relativity Theory - Sir Arthur Eddington
58. Spacetime and Geometry An Introduction to General Relativity - Carroll
59. Symmetries and Curvature Structure in General Relativity - Hall
60. Techniques of Diffential Topology in Relativity - Penrose
61. Tensor Calculus, Relativity, and Cosmology A First Course - Dalarsson
62. The Formation of Black Holes in General Relativity - Christodoulou
63. The General Theory of Relativity A Mathematical Exposition - Das and DeBenedictis
64. The Problem of Time Quantum Mechanics Versus General Relativity - Anderson
65. The Renaissance of General Relativity and Cosmology - Ellis, Lanza, and Miller
66. The Special Theory of Relativity - Bohm
67. The Universe of General Relativity - Kox and Eisenstaedt
68. Theory of Relativity - Manning
69. Theory of Relativity Based on Physical Reality - Janossy
70. Unsolved Problems in Special and General Relativity - Smarandache
71. The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences
72. The Special Theory of Relativity
73. Relativistic Energy and Momentum
74. Relativistic Effects in Radiation
75. Relation Of Wave _ Particle Viewpoints