Agile Software Construction

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Agile Software Construction

John Hunt, «Agile Software Construction»
Springer | ISBN 1852339446 | 254 Pages | 2,7Mb

So you think you want to be Agile. But what does it mean? How can you develop software in an agile manner? How can you reap the benefits of agile modelling or Extreme Programming (XP)? What tools might you use to help you become more agile? This book tells you!Agile software Construction reviews the leading agile development processes. It explains what each is and what they attempt to achieve. It also explains what they are not and dispels numerous myths surrounding agile development.Agile software construction itself is an attempt to put the software being developed first, and to acknowledge that user requirements change. It is agile because it can respond quickly to the users changing needs. In turn, agile software development puts the software first because almost any activity undertaken must be to the benefit of the software that will be delivered.This book will help you to determine if an agile approach is for you and which approach (or approaches) to adopt. It guides you in how to plan, organise and develop software systems in an Agile Manner. It introduces the core concepts in a concise and easily digested form, and evaluates how successful the core techniques can be, as well as what problems may be encountered. The book also shows how some of these problems have been overcome on real world projects by combining XP, Agile modelling and Feature Driven Development.