Ajax Hacks

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Ajax Hacks

Bruce W. Perry, «Ajax Hacks»
O'Reilly | ISBN 0596101694 | CHM | 2,88 Mb | 438 Pages | 2006 Year

Ajax, the popular term for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is one of the most important combinations of technologies for web developers to know these days. With its rich grouping of technologies, Ajax developers can create interactive web applications with XML-based web services, using JavaScript in the browser to process the web server response.

A smart collection of 100 insider tips and tricks, Ajax Hacks covers all of the technology's finer points. Want to build next-generation web applications today? This book can show you how. Among the multitude of topics addressed, it shows you techniques for:
- Using Ajax with Google Maps and Yahoo Maps
- Displaying Weather.com data
- Scraping stock quotes
- Fetching postal codes
- Building web forms with auto-complete functionality