Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Ghost Stories for Young People

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Ghost Stories for Young People

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Ghost Stories for Young People
ASIN: B0000DBJ8E | Audio CD (August 20, 2003) | MP3 | 128 kbps | 58,7 Mb

01. Hitchcock
02. The Haunted & The Haunters (The Pirate's Curse)
03. Hitchocok 2
04. The Magician (Til Death Do Us Part)
05. Hitchcock 3
06. Johnny Takes a Dare (The More the Merrier
07. Hitchcock 4
08. Hitchcock 5
09. The Open Window by Saki
10. Hitchcock 6
11. The Helpful Hitchhiker
12. Hitchcock 7
13. Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons
14. Hitchcock 8

I placed the record on my "Winnie the Pooh" turntable and was immediately taken by how strange Alfred's voice sounded. To me, it sounded as if he was trying to speak with 10 marshmallows stuffed in his mouth. Within minutes, he was teaching me how to "attract ghosts." I followed his instructions implicitly and a few stories later I was hiding under my bed! Ahhhhhh.

This record (CD) is amazing. If you are thinking of purchasing it for children, you are making a great decision. If you want it for yourself, you are in for a treat, too. It is often hard to say where inspiration comes from. There have been many events in my life that were silently "life altering." I would point to this single record as the catalyst for my love of scary stories, haunted houses, reading mystery books and, as the years progressed, filmmaking.

I would recommend this record (CD) to anyone. Please, help keep the art of great storytelling alive by exposing your children to recordings of this nature!


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