Alien vs. Predator : Novel (PDF)

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Alien vs. Predator : The Movie Novelization

Book Description

The two most terrifying forces in the universe are about to fight to the death ... and earth is their battleground!

A mysterious structure has been detected via satellite far below the ice at the bottom of the world. Assembled by a billionaire industrialist, a crack team of scientists, drillers, archaeologists and adventurers has traveled to the Antarctic wastes to make history by exploring what is believed to be a fully preserved pyramid predating those built by early Egyptian and Mexican civilizations. But once this expedition crew enters, there will be no way out -- and no hope left for humankind. Because deep within the labyrinth, a terror is stirring -- an alien monstrosity more vicious, cunning, evil, and unstoppable than any species in the universe -- except one: the otherworldly Predators who brought the nightmare to Earth to begin with and who are now returning here to face the beast once more in the most unholy combat.

The battle is about to begin - and to the victor will go the planet.

Note from me.
I made this myself from a DOC file but didn't do any proof reading etc., so no guarantees for spelling. Seems OK from a cursory read.
I embedded an image as the first page but it isn't real good quality ( I wanted to keep the filesize down )

I pinched the "Book Description" from a website - hehe (lazy)

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