American Indians in the U.S. Armed Forces -1866-1945

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John P. Langellier, "American Indians in the U.S. Armed Forces -1866-1945" Greenhill Books | 2000 Year | ISBN: 1-85367-408-7 | PDF | ~12 Mb | 72 Pages

Native American soldiers have played a distinguished role in the service of the United States Army, characterised by loyalty, bravery and ferocious valour.

Fighting on both sides during the Civil War, Indians were only officially incorporated into the United States Army by a decree of Congress in 1866. Throughout the nineteenth century a large number - such as Night Chief, Bloody Knife and Man Who Left his Enemy Lying in Water - served as scouts and played a significant role in the Plains and Apache Wars. American Indians also fought for their country in the twentieth century - some 12,00 enlisted in World War I and 40,000 took part in World War II and the struggle against the Axis.

This outstanding addition to the G.I. Series brings together more than one hundred rare photographs, charting the service of Native Americans from the early days as scouts against the Modoc, Apache andPawnee peoples, to service in World War II Italy and the Pacific.