Dean Meltz, Rick Long, Mark Harrington, Robert Hain, Geoff Nicholls, «An Introduction to IMS : Your Complete Guide to IBM's Inf

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Dean Meltz, Rick Long, Mark Harrington, Robert Hain, Geoff Nicholls, «An Introduction to IMS : Your Complete Guide to IBM's Information Management System»
IBM Press | ISBN 0131856715 | 2004 Year | CHM | 6,88 Mb | 592 Pages

The Only Up-to-the-Minute Guide to IMS Version 9Straight from IBM IMS Experts

Introduces IMS, one of the world's premiere software products

Thoroughly covers key IMS functions, from security to Java support

For both new and experienced IMS administrators, programmers, architects, and managers

Prerequisite reading for IBM IMS Mastery Certificate Program

IMS serves more than 95 percent of Fortune 1000 companies, manages 15,000,000 gigabytes of production data, and supports more than two hundred million users per day. The brand-new IBM IMS Version 9 is not just the world's #1 platform for very large online transaction processing: it integrates with Web application server technology to enable tomorrow's most powerful Web-based applications. Now, for the first time in many years, there's a completely up-to-date guide to understanding IMS in your business environment.

An Introduction to IMS covers

Installing and configuring IMS Version 9

Understanding and implementing the IMS hierarchical database model

Understanding and working with the IMS Transaction Manager

Mastering core application programming concepts, including program structure and IMS control blocks

Taking advantage of IMS 9 Java programming enhancements

Working with the IMS Master Terminal

Administering IMS: system definition, customization, logging, security, operations, and more

Running IMS in a Parallel Sysplex® environment

Whether you've spent a career running IMS or you are encountering IMS for the first time, this book delivers the insights and skills you need to succeedas an application designer, developer, or administrator


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