Richard J. Reece, «Analysis of Genes and Genomes»

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Richard J. Reece, «Analysis of Genes and Genomes»
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470843799 | 2004 Year | PDF | 7,61 Mb | 490 Pages

This beautifully illustrated textbook provides a clear guide to the tools and techniques of genetic engineering, gene cloning and molecular biology. All aspects of genetic engineering in the post-genomic era are covered, beginning with the basics of DNA structure and DNA metabolism. Using an example-driven approach, the fundamentals of creating mutations in DNA, cloning in bacteria, yeast, plants and animals are all clearly presented.
Strong emphasis is placed on the latest, post genomic technologies including DNA macro and microarrays, genome-wide two hybrid analysis, proteomics and bioinformatics.

A modern post-genome era introduction to key techniques used in genetic engineering.
An example driven past-to-present approach to allow the experiments of today to be placed in an historical context
The book is beautifully illustrated in full-colour throughout.
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