The Complete Aquarium Guide (Repost)

Posted By: Dr. Kimble

The Complete Aquarium Guide [Konemann 2000]
19.71 MB RAR | PDF | ISBN: 3-8290-1736-7 | 288 Pages

The indispensible reference for all aquarium enthusiasts: This volume gives readers comprehensive insight into the fascinating and multifaceted world of aquarium fish. This reference book, cataloging 700 fish species, 70 aquatic plants, and more than 40 invertebrates in color photos, offers experienced and would-be aquarists both a beautifully illustrated survey of the hobby and an analysis of their personal requirements.

Not only can you find the difference between a guppy and a grouper here, the book also guides you through such projects as building your own fishtank from plates of glass, fine-tuning the pH level of the water, and cleaning the tank without disturbing the fish. The book contains color coded information boxes and simple explanations of proper techniques for setting up and operating fresh water and marine aquariums, as well as suggestions for possible fish combinations.



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