DK Eyewitness Guides: Boat

Posted By: Lesio
Discover the story of boats and ships – from dugout canoes to yachts and supertankers.
This superb collection of specially commissioned photographs tells the fascinating story of how and why boats, rafts, and ships have changed over the years. See how a plank boat is constructed, and look at sails from around the world, from the elegant junks and dhows of Asia to the many-masted clippers that sailed the seven seas during the 19th century. Learn why the Titanic was though to be "unsinkable," and how it feels to be standing on the bridge of a modern fire ship. From fishermen on kayaks, to soldiers on galleys, cargo on steamships to sailors on yachts, this book will show you the importance and perils of a life at sea. Boat is a compelling and informative guide to the history and development of boats and ships worldwide


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