Ebooks of Bart A. Baggett

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Ebooks of Bart A. Baggett

Ebooks of Bart A. Baggett

Bart Baggett has become much more than a internationally recognized handwriting expert. He is a speaker, trainer, author, and media personality. Bart has been exploring human nature through the fascinating world of handwriting analysis for over 16 years. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Bart is a certified therapist and handwriting expert incorporating his extensive training in Hypnotherapy, Time-Line therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming into a multi-dimensional approach to human change.

Bart is the Founder of Handwriting, which trains and certifies handwriting students worldwide. He is also a highly sought after professional speaker and talk-show guest. Bart is the author of two books The Secrets to Making Love Happen! (Using Handwriting Analysis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the just released Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy - How to design your life with financial and emotional abundance.

:: Information About the Files ::
- Ebook 1: Bart A. Baggett - Change Your Handwriting - Change Your Life! - Change Your Life in 30 Days - Grapho-Therapy Workbook
- Pages: 70
- Type: PDF
- Size: 6,93 MB

- Ebook 2: Bart A. Baggett - Handwriting Success Secrets
- Pages: 170
- Type: PDF
- Size: 4,31 MB

- Ebook 3: Bart A. Baggett - Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy - How to Design Your Life with Financial and Emotional Abundance
- Pages: 249
- Type: PDF
- Size: 6,65 MB

- Ebook 4: Bart A. Baggett - The Secret To Creating Chemistry Seminar Manual
- Pages: 73
- Type: PDF
- Size: 192 KB

- Ebook 5: Bart A. Baggett - The Secrets to Make Love Happen!
- Pages: 297
- Type: PDF
- Size: 5,29 MB

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