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Mourad Barkat, "Signal Detection And Estimation"

Posted By: Alexpal

Mourad Barkat, "Signal Detection And Estimation" (2nd edition)
Artech House Publishers | ISBN 1580530702 | 2005 Year | PDF | 4,45 Mb | 714 Pages

This newly revised edition of a classic Artech House book provides you with a comprehensive and current understanding of signal detection and estimation. Featuring a wealth of new and expanded material, the second edition introduces the concepts of adaptive CFAR detection and distributed CA-CFAR detection. The book provides complete explanations of the mathematics you need to fully master the material, including probability theory, distributions, and random processes.
Containing numerous solved examples, the book helps you apply the material to projects in the field involving signal processing, radar, and communications. Packed with over 2,100 equations, 230 figures and 183 problems, this authoritative resource covers a wide range of critical topics, from parameter estimation and filtering, to representation of signals and Gaussian processes. The problems presented at the end of each chapter make this book particularly well suited for self-study and for use as a text for graduate-level electrical engineering courses.