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(medicine) Bate's guide to physical examination /10 MB PDF (2004 year)

Posted By: ddenim

Bate's guide to Physical Examination | 10 MB PDF (2004 year)

A classic in assessment, this Eighth Edition revision still provides the best foundation for learning and performing physical examination techniques and history taking. Features a clean, straightforward approach that retains the two-column format placing examination procedures and proper techniques on the left, and common abnormalities and possible interpretations on the right. Its highly visual four-colour design includes 400 new pieces of art and formerly featured black and white photos into color. Also in this edition are four completely revised chapters including pediatrics rewritten by specialist Peter G. Szilaygi, MD.
Книга по физическому осмотру больных, на анг. языке, довольно серьезная, только для ознакомления !!! в PDF

Two free CD-ROMs are now packaged with the book. The first contains heart sounds; the second contains videos of Head-to-Toe Assessment and Approach to the Patient. A separate book of case studies for further study is also available.

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