James Gray, "Best of Ruby Quiz"

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James Gray, "Best of Ruby Quiz"

James Gray, "Best of Ruby Quiz"
Pragmatic Bookshelf | ISBN 0976694077 | 2006 Year | PDF | 0,98 Mb | 176 Pages

Solve these twenty-five popular programming puzzles, and sharpen your programming skills as you craft solutions.
You'll find interesting and challenging programming puzzles including:

800 Numbers
Knight's Tour
Paper, Rock, Scissors
Texas Hold-Em
…and more.

Learning to program can be quite a challenge. Classes and books can get you so far, but at some point you have to sit down and start playing with some code. Only by reading and writing real code, with real problems, can you learn.

The Ruby Quiz was built to fill exactly this need for Ruby programmers. Challenges, solutions, and discussions combine to make Ruby Quiz a powerful way to learn Ruby tricks. See how algorithms translate to Ruby code, get exposure to Ruby's libraries, and learn how other programmers use Ruby to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

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