The Big Book of Thugs

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

"The Big Book of Thugs: Tough as Nails True Tales of the World's Baddest Mobs, Gangs, and Ne'er do Wells!", DC Comics | ISBN 1563892855 | 1996 Year | JPG | ~83 Mb | 192 Pages

From the gangs of ancient India to the modern mafia, The Big Book of Thugs offers a historical and insightful overview of the most notorious gangs and mobs since the beginning of time. Analyzing the infamous group dynamic, this enrossing book delves into the immoral actions and tainted motivations of these organized packs. But neither romanticizing nor condemning their actions, this black and white comic text is an accurate portrait of the toughest mobs ever to walk the mean streets and rule the back alleys.