Biomaterials In Orthopedics

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Biomaterials In Orthopedics

Michael J. Yaszemski, Biomaterials In Orthopedics
Marcel Dekker | ISBN 0-8247-4294-X | 2004 | PDF | 455 Pages | 7,52 Mb

Yaszemski (professor, orthopedic surgery; director, Polymer and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Mayo Clinic) and contributors in medicine, research, and engineering shed light on issues surrounding material for bone repair and reconstruction. Covering a range of biomaterials, from bioabsorbables to ceramics and metals, they discuss fundamental aspects of biocompatibility and interfacial phenomena, then consider emerging bioabsorbable materials and novel advancements in ceramic and metallic bone repair biomaterials. Applications are examined to traditional orthopedic sectors as well as oral and maxillofacial reconstruction. The book is of interest to bioengineers, materials scientists, and clinicians. – Book News, Inc.