The Birth of Europe

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The Birth of Europe

Jacques Le Goff, «The Birth of Europe (Making of Europe)»
Blackwell Publishing, Incorporated | ISBN 0631228888 | February 1, 2005 | PDF | 1,3 Mb | 288 Pages


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Book Description
In this ground-breaking book, the great French historian Jacques Le Goff places the genesis of Europe firmly in the Middle Ages. He contends that it was in the Middle Ages that many of the institutions and beliefs we consider to be 'European' were defined and developed for the first time: ideas about a common Christian society, public spaces, courtship and marriage.The Birth of Europe presents the historical facts and events that shaped the period, but also the formation of attitudes and concepts of a European 'dream'. The Middle Ages manifested the combination of diversity and unity present in Europe today: the mixing of populations, West-East and North-South oppositions, but above all the unifying role of culture.Le Goff shows that of all the periods that have contributed to our common European heritage, and will continue to shape Europe's future, the Middle Ages are the most significant. The book will be enjoyed by loyal followers of Le Goff, as well as anyone interested in how 'Europe' was born.

In this ground-breaking new study, Jacques Le Goff, arguably the leading medievalist of his generation, presents his view of the primacy of the Middle Ages in the development of European history.

* "[A] superb and necessary book. This provocative assessment from a lifetime of scholarship might help us to place ourselves, not just territorially, but in that other precious element of history: time." The Guardian
* "A book that never fails to be informative, readable and provocative. Le Goff… has been the bravest and best of champions for medieval history. This book… is in every sense an inspiration." BBC History Magazine
* Praised by prominent figures in Europe and history including: Rt Hon Christopher Patten, CH, Member of the European Commission, and Neil Kinnock, Vice-President, European Commission.

From the Author:

Jacques Le Goff is Professor of History at L'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He is among France's 'great' historians, and is considered internationally to be one of the foremost scholars of his generation. He has written widely on a huge range of topics in medieval history, especially on intellectual and social issues. He is general editor of the Making of Europe series, and author of the introductory survey volume Medieval Civilization (Blackwell, 1990) and Intellectuals and the Middle Ages (Blackwell, 1993).


Series Editors Preface
1 The Conception of Europe (Fourth to Eighth centuries)
2 An Aborted Europe: The Carolingian World (Eighth to Tenth centuries)
3 A Dream of Europe and the Potential Europe of the Year 1000
4 Feudal Europe (Eleventh and Twelfth centuries)
5 The "fine" Europe of Towns and Universities (Thirteenth Century)
6 The Autumn of the Middle Ages or the Spring of a New Age?