Bruce Hopkins, Ranjith Antony, «Bluetooth For Java»

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Bruce Hopkins, Ranjith Antony, «Bluetooth For Java»

Bruce Hopkins, Ranjith Antony, «Bluetooth For Java»
Apress | ISBN 1590590783 | 2003 Year | PDF | 2,91 Mb | 352 Pages

Bluetooth is a technology for wireless communication that functions in much the same way that home/office laptops connect to the Internet. It is typically used for short burst communications instead of a continuous connection. Because of this difference, Bluetooth is more typically found supported in wireless phones and personal devices.

Bluetooth for Java is not an overview of Bluetooth. In the book, Bruce Hopkins and Ranjith Antony describe how to develop wireless Java applications using Bluetooth for a variety of platforms. This includes an API overview of the Java library, development of Bluetooth-based services, highlights of security concerns, and walkthroughs for development with some of the different tools available. Programs will not be just J2ME (micro devices) based, but will also be for J2SE (client/desktop).


Bruce Hopkins, Ranjith Antony, «Bluetooth For Java»
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Bruce Hopkins, Ranjith Antony, «Bluetooth For Java»
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