Eric Jensen, "Teaching With the Brain in Mind"

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Eric Jensen, "Teaching With the Brain in Mind"
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve | ISBN 0871202999 | 1998 Year | linked PNG-files | 14,27 Mb | 133 Pages

Every year, millions of parents trust that the professionals who teach their children know something about the brain and processes of learning. But most schools of education offer psychology, not neurology, courses. At best, these psychology courses provide indirect information about the brain and how children actually learn. Teaching with the Brain in Mind fills this gap with the latest practical, easy-to-understand research on learning and the brain. Consider important questions such as
* Biologically, can you truly expect to get and hold students' attention for long periods of time?
* Is there really such a thing as an "unmotivated student"?
* How has research on rewards been misinterpreted?
* Do students actually "forget" what we teach them, or do we ask them to recall information in the wrong way?
* What are the surprising benefits for learning across the board when students participate in some sort of physical education or movement? Teaching with the Brain in Mind balances the research and theory of the brain with successful tips and techniques for using that information in classrooms. From its primer on brain biology to in-depth discussions of emotion, memory, and recall, Teaching with the Brain in Mind is an invaluable tool for any educator looking to better reach students through truly brain-compatible teaching and learning.