NEW!! Encyclopedia Britannica 2006 Ultimate Reference Suite DVD

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Britannica 2006 Ultimate Reference Suite CD/DVD-ROM

Today's most powerful and comprehensive reference software.

100,000 articles: more content than any other reference software
New! Daily Content for historical snapshots delivered each day
New! Homework Helpdesk for students
New! Bonus CD -- Learn Spanish, French, German and more
The Ultimate Reference Suite, Encyclopædia Britannica's award-winning reference software, is now even more powerful. This multi-media resource has always led the field in depth and range of coverage while embodying Britannica's high standards of quality and accuracy. And year after year it advances in features and performance to remain the optimal knowledge source for home, school, or work. This year is no exception. New features include Daily Content which serves up fascinating historical snapshots for the knowledge junkie and Homework Helpdesk: powerful tools that give students a unique advantage.

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