How To Ruin Your Life (Abridged Audiobook)

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From the Publisher
This book is a collection of Ben Stein’s “How To Ruin” Series: · How to Ruin Your Life · How to Ruin Your Love Life · How to Ruin Your Financial Life. These books will not only make you laugh out loud, they will allow you to honestly assess your life. Learn from these books—and for heaven’s sake, do the opposite right now!

Publishers Weekly

Keeping a Chin Up Offering a tongue-in-cheek approach to living well, quiz show host and former White House speechwriter Ben Stein has written How to Ruin Your Life. Asserting that "failure is often a virtual road map to success in reverse," Stein tells readers, "[f]ollow these rules and you're guaranteed disaster. Avoid them, and you're on the high road to achievement…." He proceeds to explain how to "make yourself useless," "be a slob," "convince yourself you're all that matters" and "act like the world owes you." If ignored, his advice is sound and realistic, and may be the perfect way to push recent grads or other impressionable readers in the right direction.

Note: Will upload Noam Chomsky Audiobooks next.