Build The Ultimate Custom PC [ REPOST ]

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Build The Ultimate Custom PC [ REPOST ]

Build The Ultimate Custom PC

Why do they load up a PC with stuff you don't need and leave off the things you really want? Don't take it anymore! Grab a screwdriver and let these two experts show you how to build the PC of your dreams, even if you've never cracked a case before. You'll learn to choose the right components, install them safely, test your system, find the best prices on parts, and even trick out your new machine with some cool tweaks and mods. Plenty of illustrations and step-by-step directions make it easy, and you just might make your wallet happy, too.

How to build what you want:

The things you'll learn!:
- Safety first—it's Chapter 1
- Choose your tools
- Powering this puppy
- Motherboard knows best
- RAM it into drive(s)
- Video and sound are in the cards
- Bringing your PC to life
- Testing! Testing!
- Operate on Windows® XP
- Warranties—in English

Authors researched competitive titles and have created a book that covers issues and topics ignored by the others Shows the reader where to find the best deals on parts, when it's safe and economical to reuse parts from an old PC, how to test and troubleshoot the new machine, and how to modify a PC for specific needs Includes stop and test sections, case studies, a supplier listing, and valuable Web addresses An eight-page, four-color section shows detailed photos of the process to help readers know if they're on the right track

Recently I had the unenvious task of helping my friend's daughter with "making her own computer". The first impulse was to take her to the nearest Crap USA or Bogus Buy and pick up a "kit" and then put it all together, but the kids of today are smarter then that. So I decided to buy this book being the most recent publication. The book suggests a list of websites to help in buying the hardware as well as for comparison shopping. With the help of the book we went through all the various hardware choices and chose the best for our purpose. The directions in the book making the PC suited to our specific needs a breeze. The troubleshooting tips assured us during the project just if things did not go as planned.

The PC works great and the project was a good learning experience. This is something I recommend parents do with their kids in the vacation to keep them occupied.

I give this book 5 stars on a scale of 5, 5 being the highest. I strongly recommend this book.
–-=== Niloufer Tamboly, CISSP ===–-


After reading Build the Ultimate Custom PC by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes and Kathie Kingsley-Hughes, I'm pretty convinced that my next desktop PC will be built by me instead of purchased at a store. I think I could actually do this…

Part 1 - Choosing Components for Your PC: Staying Safe; Choosing the Tools You Need; Choosing a Suitable Case and Power Supply; Choosing a CPU and Motherboard; Choosing the Right RAM; Choosing Hard Drives and Floppy Drives; Choosing CD/DVD Drives; Choosing Video Adaptors and Monitors; Choosing Sound Capability; A Tour of Cables and Fittings; Checking and Testing Components.

Part 2 - Building Your PC: Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Forget before You Begin the Build!; Assembling the Case and Fitting the PSU; Fitting the Basic Parts; Adding Storage.

Part 3 - Starting and Testing Your PC: Fire Up and Burn In; Final Tweaks and Installing Windows XP; Check and Test, Check and Test Again!; Everything You Need to Know about Warranties and Beyond.

Part 4 - Appendices: Useful Websites; Checklist; Hardware Manufacturers; Glossary

The authors work from the assumption that you've never done this before (which I haven't) and that you will need guidance from choosing the parts clear through the assembly and start-up. They do a very nice job in covering all the basic components, what things need to be known about them (specs, details, etc.), and what you'll need to look for in terms of making good choices based on your requirements. This would even be good material if you're looking to upgrade something (like a CD unit) and you need to better understand what to look for. Once you have all your parts together, they show you how to assemble it all into a working computer, along with things you must know during the assembly process, like how to diffuse static electricity. You don't want a simple spark to fry your expensive CPU, do you? I was impressed with their coverage of testing tips, too. My biggest fear (short of having left-over parts) is pushing the power button and having nothing happen. With the testing steps shown here, you should be able to quickly get past that point should it occur. Honestly, seeing the quality of the information presented, I'd say there's a very good chance that you won't have that happen unless you have a faulty part to begin with…

Bottom line, this is a book I'd definitely recommend to a first-time computer builder who wants the experience of "rolling their own". As much as it surprises me to say it, I think I might just be that person for the next upgrade…
–-=== Thomas Duff ===–-



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