Burne Hogarth, "Dynamic Figure Drawing" (repost)

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Burne Hogarth, "Dynamic Figure Drawing" (repost)

Burne Hogarth, "Dynamic Figure Drawing"
Publisher: Watson-Guptill | 1996 | ISBN: 0823015777 | English | PDF | 172 pages | 25.6 Mb

This powerful book offers a systematic approach to rendering action figures that seem to leap off the page.

Figure drawing is the most essential - and the most difficult - of all the skills for the artist to learn. In this manual Burne Hogarth introduces his own system of figure drawing, which should make it possible to visualize and accurately render the forms of the human body from every conceivable point of view. First Hogarth describes the forms of the human figure. Then he demonstrates his "deep space" notion, a systematic sketching order that is the key to drawing the figure with believable interconnection of forms and control of foreshortening. By mastering this remarkable system, artists should be able to draw an amazing variety of poses, actions and gestures without a model, while maintaining the correct relationship between forms.
Burne Hogarth’s (1911–1996) remarkable career spanned over 60 years. He wore many hats in the worlds of fine art, art education, and art publishing. He is most famous for his internationally syndicated Sunday newspaper color page feature “Tarzan” (1937–1950) and for his illustrated adaptations of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels Tarzan of the Apes and Jungle Tales of Tarzan. A co-founder of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Hogarth remains one of the most influential figures in art education today.

Burne Hogarth, "Dynamic Figure Drawing" (repost)