ZBrush Certification Course

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ZBrush Certification Course

Uartsy - ZBrush Certification Course
14 Modules | Video: h264, yuv420p, 1024x768 | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, 2 ch | 20.1GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

This is a program for those who really want to know how ZBrush works and how to make it work for them. Ryan Kingslien is going to teach you everything he learned as part of the development team at Pixologic as well as the tips, tricks, and techniques he’s learned from the amazing artists in residence at ZBrushWorkshops.
The 5 most important lessons:
  • Understanding each feature of ZBrush, what it does, and why Pixologic designed it that way.
  • The best way to use those tools and how to use ZBrush more intuitively.
  • How to string features together to create highly effective workflows and get work done faster than ever before.
  • Ryan Kingslien’s personal sculpting methods and how to put your knowledge of ZBrush to work with a study of the human face
  • How to tap into your creativity with ZBrush, and use the features to unlock your inner sculptor and reach your full potential as an artist!
Project 1 : Your First ZBrush Lesson
Introduction to basic navigation and sculpting techniques.
11 Lectures
Project 2 : Feature Framework Preview
Preview of how you can approach any project in ZBrush.
4 Lectures
Project 3 : Getting Started
Getting you into ZBrush and sculpting a head.
19 Lectures
Project 4 : Polygons, Polygroups, and Subtools
Understanding how to break down a subtool for more control and dynamesh explained.
21 Lectures
Project 5 : Brushes
General overview of brushes, how to modify them, and create your own.
16 Lectures
Project 6 : Brush Control
A more in depth look at brushes and how to control certain aspects of them.
18 Lectures
Project 7 : Masking and Posing
Masking and posing with the transpose line.
14 Lectures
Project 8 : Hard Surface Sculpting
Introduction to using polygroups, panel loops, and polish to create smooth crisp lines.
16 Lectures
Project 9 : Quick Sketch and Insert Mesh Brushes
Using quick sketch to generate ideas and insert mesh brushes.
16 Lectures
Project 10 : More Multi Mesh Information
More information on insert multi mesh brushes and using polygroups when posing.
4 Lectures
Project 11 : Polypainting and Materials
Polypainting a human face and an introduction to materials, bpr filters, uvs, and fiber mesh.
17 Lectures
Project 12 : Controling Topology
Understanding Topology and how to alter it with ZRemesher.
13 Lectures
Project 13 : Materials In Depth
Create your own materials and delve into the various settings to tune it properly.
17 Lectures
Project 14 : Scale and Exporting
Export your models from ZBrush with texture maps and discuss scale within ZBrush.
13 Lectures
ZBrush Certification Course