P.S.Deshpande, O.G.Kakde, "C & Data Structures"

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P.S.Deshpande, O.G.Kakde, "C & Data Structures"

P.S.Deshpande, O.G.Kakde, "C & Data Structures"
Charles River Media | ISBN 1584503386 | 2004 Year | CHM | 7,62 Mb | 700 Pages

The book is written for both undergraduate and graduate students of core computer science areas. The book would be very useful for other students to learn programming for the purpose of making a career in computer science. It covers all those topics that generally appear in aptitude tests and interviews. It not only gives the language syntax but also discusses its behavior by showing the internal implementation. We have covered almost the entire range of data structures and programming such as non-recursive implementation of tree traversals, A* algorithm in Artificial Intelligence, 8-queens problems, etc.

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